Secretary-General of the Newfound Micronations United

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Secretary-General of the NMU
NMU logo.png
Logo of the NMU

Current Secretary-General Hwang-Do-Gyeong
Since 5 April 2015
Term length Three months

The Secretary-General of the Newfound Micronations United is the highest officer in the organization, responsible for the administration of the Organization and its organs. Elections are held every three months, with each member registered on the website entitled to cast one vote each. Voting is not compulsory.

Secretary-General timeline

Number Name Nation Term start Term end Remarks
1st Ahn Tae-Jun State Federal Republic 5 Apr 2015 20 Jun 2015 Was the founder of the Organization, responsible for the creation of the website. However the exact acts and works as SG is not well known along with the dark ages of NMU.
2nd President of Erkabets Erkabets Republic 20 Jun 2015 26 Jul 2015 Did not serve full term for unknown reason. Has announced retirement from micronational activities.
3rd Park Ji-Hong Great Karto Peoples Democratic Republic 26 Jul 2015 4 Nov 2015 Oversaw the ending of the Dark Age and the First Expansion.
4th Mirdov M. Kron Mine Democratic Republic 4 Nov 2015 29 Feb 2016 Oversaw the Second Expansion. Made great amendments to the Organization's law and order. Was involved in the 2016 Hanvit Mythomania Scandal, resulting in the immediate elections of the next SG.
5th Jeon Hyeon-Ook Gwang-Won Democratic Republic 29 Feb 2016 12 Jun 2016 Led the Organization during the Depression. Tried to enliven micronational activities by adopting a political party system and making a website for virtual storytelling.
6th Yi Geon-Young Dorasini Republic 12 Jun 2016 21 Sep 2016 Ended the Depression by using the political party system vigorously. As a result the Organization started to turn into a virtual political game, with parties fighting over more votes.
7th Jin Hwan-Joo Gwang-Won Republic 21 Sep 2016 18 Nov 2016 Tried to reconstruct the Organization by ending the political party system, which the attempt unfortunately failed. A few members noticed that Organization was heading towards its collapse.
8th Ahn Chi-Yoon (Non-micronational) 18 Nov 2016 3 Feb 2017 Created great controversy among both members and member states, as SG Ahn was a retired micronationalist and was now acting as a virtual-nationist. Moreover, the political conflict between Kim Dong-Gi's Gong-Myeong Party and Yi Geon-Young's Development Democratic Party hit the worst, and meanwhile, SG Ahn appointed vice SG as Jeong Dae-Seong without permission from the Congress. The members, enraged, announced a Semi-permanent Depression and left the Organization.
9th Hwang Do-Gyeong Freetown Democratic Federal Republic 3 Feb 2017 2 Nov 2017 After the start of the Semi-Permanent Depression, SG Ahn adopted the Site manager plan from UVN. As a result, the members left the organization, making it useless. After several months of depression, Jeong Dae-Seong announced that the cyber terrorist group Hanvit will be taking over control of the site, thus ending the organization in whole.