Freetown Socialist Federal Republic

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Freetown Socialist Federal Republic
프리타운 사회주의 연방공화국 (Korean)
Coat of arms
Motto: The free town for everyone
Anthem: O Great Freetown
File:FDFR map.png
FDFR claims in dark green
and largest city
Official languages(Korean), Jeok-Oo language(적우어), Kraftoszen
GovernmentPresidential Republic
• President
LegislatureFederal Congress
Establishment3 April 2016
• Census
23 [1]
Time zoneUTC+9 (Korean Standard Time)

Freetown Federation, officially the Freetown Democratic Federal Republic, is a micronation located in South Korea.


Early times

FDFR was founded on 3 April 2016 as the 'Freetown Democratic Republic Federation' by President Hwang-Do-Gyeong. The Federation was established by the merging of three micronations, the Jeok-Oo Federal Republic, Republic of Beltro, and the Aeng-Hwa Republic. However, in may 2016, Yi-Geon-Young president of Aeng-Hwa Republic naturalized to the Republic of Yuldo, bringing an end to the country and thus resulting in the secession of the country from the Federation. Instead, the Sirmins Republic joined the Federation, filling the empty place of Aeng-Hwa. Also, president Hwang ordered the creation of a puppet virtual nation Song-Ryeon, as a measure to make a minecraft server in the FDFR.

Development and Recession

On 6 July 2016, a terrorist known as Jin-Si-Hyeon attacked the Baek-Ho Empire with a cyber attack. While the NMU declared an immediate investigation on the attack, president Hwang announced Code Red and shut-downed all state affairs until it seemed to be safe. FDFR survived the attack, but the Baek-Ho Empire collapsed to the Republic of Gourme. President Hwang engaged in a negotiation to absorb Gourme, which ended successfully.

Meanwhile, Misteremus M. Kron made a minecraft server in FDFR, and named it Song-Ryeon Republic. It stood fast until 21 October 2016, when it was shut-down. He also changed the name of the Federation to FDFR from FDRF.

Modern Freetown

In January 2019, Jebistar Special Administrative Region join FSFR.

In August 2019, Sauru join FSFR.

In October 2020, Tharrt join FSFR.

Federal members

  • Neomia Freetown socialism Republic (네오미아 프리타운 사회주의 공화국)

Fortona, FSFR's capital city located in Neomia.

  • Sinyeong Freetown socialism Republic (신영 프리타운 사회주의 공화국)
  • BL Freetown socialism Republic (비엘 프리타운 사회주의 공화국)
  • Sauru Freetown socialism Republic (사우루 프리타운 사회주의 공화국)
  • Tharrt Freetown Socialism Republic (다채 프리타운 사회주의 공화국)
  • Jebistar Special Administrative Region (제비스타 특별행정구)


Federal Congress of FSFR

Federal Congress is FSFR's Parliament. It is Unicameral parliament. There are 6 Member of Parliament now. Their term is 6 months.


In the 9th Federal Congress, all members elected by proportional representation.

Member Party Parliament responsibilities
Yi-Geon-Young Innovational Democratic Speaker
Kim hyeon-bin Communist Vice speaker
Park jun min Innovational Democratic
Shin rin jwa Communist
yeon Innovational Democratic
Park Geon Wung Communist

Federal Supreme Court

Federal Executive

  • Federal President : Hwang-Do-Gyeong
  • Federal Vice President : Shrinrinjwa [2]
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of National Defense
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Home Affairs