Order of the Silver Cat

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Order of the Silver Cat
Ordem do Gato de Prata
Order of the Silver Cat medal.png
Awarded by the King of Ebenthal
TypeDynastic order
Established29 December 2019
MottoPatientia superbia mentis operationem
Patience and pride, intelligence and action
Awarded forExceptionally meritorious achievements and valuable personal characteristics
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand MasterKing Arthur II
GradesGrand Cross; Commander; Official; Knight/Dame
First induction2019
Total inductees18
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Order of the Swiss Prince

Ribbon of the Order of the Silver Cat
King Arthur II of Ebenthal wearing the sash of the Order of the Silver Cat in painting commissioned to the monarch as a gift from Oscar I, Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia.

The Order of the Silver Cat (Portuguese: Ordem do Gato de Prata) is a national and dynastic order of knighthood as well as the highest civilian decoration bestowed by the Kingdom of Ebenthal.[1] followed by the older Order of the Swiss Prince. It's current Grand Master is King Arthur II.

The order was established in late 2019 by King Arthur II as a dynastic order attached to the national pantheon of orders and awards taking over the place of the Order of the Swiss Prince as the country's highest award. It is granted to nationals and foreigners in recognition to exceptionally meritorious achievements, wether they are micronational or macronational, public or personal, and valuable personal characteristics and/or deeds towards Ebenthal and its people, at the sovereign's will.

Its symbol, a dark silver cat, was inspired by the Ebenthali King's pet, a silver cat Khajiit. The sovereign's love for his pet was taken as an analogy by the order, thus symbolically representing its recipients's love of Ebenthal. The order's motto "Patientia superbia mentis operationem" (English: Patience and pride, intelligence and action) invokes qualities of usually associated to cats which are most valued in people by the King.


Illustration of the method of wearing the Order of the Silver Cat

Established in 29 December 2019, it was the first honor created by the then-newly enthroned Arthur II as King of Ebenthal. It was created a personal dynatsic order of the Clan Brum and subsequently attached to the national pantheon of orders, this means, if the Clan Brum step away from the throne, the order follows them. The following day the King appointed the order's first three recipients, respectively the heads of Ebenthal's executive, legislative and judiciary powers at time, all of them regarded as national heroes. At first the order would have only one grade, that of knight, but later on 30 December 2019 King Arthur issued the three first inductee's certificates of membership as Grand Crosses and thus he decided the order would adopt a four-grades style.

The order's goal is to honor and recognize a person for her value, character or notorious merit, and therefore it is to be granted at the pleasure of its grand master and sovereign, the monarch. Its motto inspires personal characteristics such as patience, resilience, pride, intelligence and will to act, much valued by the King and noticed by him as common to cats, which then inspired on the order's name; "silver", though, comes from King Arthur II's pet, the silver-white and brown cat called Khajiit and was also hevaily inspired by the Order of the Golden Fleece, whereas silver is an analogy to golden. Upon its creation, the order took precendence to the Order of the Swiss Prince as the highest Ebenthali order.

Precedence and privileges

Members of all rankings of this order are assigned positions in the order of precedence, ranking above all others members of equal rankings of whichever orders. Consorts, childs and childs-in-law also feature on the order of precedence; relatives of members, however, are not assigned any special precedence. Generally, individuals can derive precedence from their parents or consorts as long as the recipient lives.

All members ot the order are entitled to the prefixes of "Sir" and "Ma'am". When an individual is entitled to use multiple post-nominal letters, the ones of the order (GCGP for Grand Crosses; COGP for Commanders; OGP for Officials; CGP for knights) takes precedence. All recipients may encircle their arms with the circlet of the order.

Since 24 February 2020, all members of the order disposes from the same right entitled to parliamentary and ministries to require a formal audience with the monarch, a privilege sole to this order.


The King of Ebenthal is the Sovereign and Grand Master of the order. All deeds granting decorations of the Order must bear the signature of the Sovereign and Grand Master. Members of the order are granted a certificate and are eligible to require a personal coat of arms with the insignia of the Order. The Order has four degrees:

  1. Grand Cross (GCGP) – Wears the badge on a collar (chain) or on a sash on the right shoulder, plus the medal on the left chest;
  2. Commander (COGP) – Wears the badge on a necklet, plus the medal on the left chest;
  3. Officer (OGP) – Wears the badge on a necklet;
  4. Knight (CGP) – Wears the badge on a ribbon on the left chest;

Insignia and habit

  • The collar of the Order is in silver, consists of baroque chain adorned by silverly fur and platine translucid spheres. The Silver Cat insignia hangs from a silver royal crown.
  • The badge of the Order is a silver enamelled cat over a light brighten silver rhombus. The badge hangs from a royal crown.
  • The star of the Order is a silver enamelled cat. The badge hangs from a royal crown.
  • The ribbon of the Order is black with faded blue stripes near its borders.
Order of the Silver Cat - Collar.svg
Order of the Silver Cat SVG ribbon.png
Medal of the Order of the Silver Cat.png
Grand Collar Ribbon Medal

Members of the Order

Membership in the Order is strictly limited and includes the Monarch, the Crown Prince, the closer relatives of the monarch and various supernumerary members, nationals and foreigners.

The monarch alone can grant membership and he or she is known as the Grand Master Sovereign of the Order and the Crown Prince is known as a Grand Companion Companion of the Order.

Grand Masters

Name Grand Master and Sovereign as Period
Arthur II King of Ebenthal 29 December 2019 - present


Name Nation Grade Date appointed
Raphael Sousa, Duke of Sion Flag of Ebenthal (2021).png Ebenthal Grand Cross 30 December 2019
Nícollas Reis, Duke of Launceston Flag of Ebenthal (2021).png Ebenthal Grand Cross 30 December 2019
Pedro Reis, Count of Iustitia Flag of Ebenthal (2021).png Ebenthal Grand Cross 30 December 2019
Fernando I of Roschfallen Roschfallen Flag.png Roschfallen Official 6 January 2020
Oscar I of Karnia-Ruthenia Karniarutheniaflag.png Karnia-Ruthenia Grand Cross 20 January 2020
Zarel I, Prince of New Eiffel Flag of New Eiffel.svg New Eiffel Grand Cross 10 February 2020
Prince João Henrique of Orléans-Braganza Partido Monarquico.png Brazil Official 1 March 2020
César de Médici[1] Flag of the Lateran-States.png Lateran State Commander 29 April 2020
Martin Shaw, Grand Duke of N'zinga[1] 800px-Flag of the Kingdom of Kongo.svg.png Kongo Knight 2 May 2020
Omar V of Harran[1] Harranflag.png Harran Grand Cross 5 May 2020
Lucas, Prince of Woenstein Mauricia.png Mauritia Grand Cross 11 May 2020
Jonathan Viana Rubrayev 281858.png Rubrayev Commander 30 May 2020
Luísa Somme, Countess of Lorencia Flag of Ebenthal (2021).png Ebenthal Grand Cross 16 June 2020
Tomáš Falešník Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg Gymnasium State Grand Cross 30 August 2020
Marco Antonio Rino Rino-Island-flag.jpg Rino Island Grand Cross 30 August 2020
Dhrubajyoti Roy  Vishwamitra Grand Cross 25 September 2020
Lucas Ribeiro Flag Estados-Hanseaticos-de-Achsen.png Achsen Grand Cross 17 November 2020
Mirdov M. Kron 3rd Jusin Flag.svg Jusin Grand Cross 31 January 2021
Maria of Sildavia Sildavia Kingdom of Sildavia Grand Cross 3 May 2021

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