Christian I, Grand Duke of Letzembourg

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Christian I
His Royal Highness,
Grand Duke Christian I of Letzembourg.

Grand Duke of Letzembourg
Reign 20 December 2015 - present
Predecessor Throne established
Leader of the House of Deputies
Office 20 May 2016 - present
Predecessor Louis Taünn
Born North Carolina, NCFlag.png
Religion Protestant

Christian I (Christian von Letzembourg), is a Karno-Ruthenian politician and military leader. He is the founder and Head of State of the Grand Duchy of Letzembourg, located on the Outer Banx of North Carolina. Christian also serves as the President of the Abgeordnetenhaus of Karnia-Ruthenia, Minister of Internal Affairs, Chief of Staff of the Imperial and Royal Army and the High Commissioner of the Kingdom of Acrin.

Micronational Life

Christian first became affiliated with with micronationalism through the Grand Republic of Delvera in late 2014, when he requested that his politically-inactive micronation (the Republic of Norvland, which is now the modern-day Province of Germanija) become a dependency of the Grand Republic. In early 2015, he was accepted into the Grand Republic as a citizen, where he later assumed the leadership of a small Delveran Army platoon. He was granted the rank of Sergeant in the Delveran Armed Services (Grand Republican Army) in June 2015, later advancing to the rank of Officer Candidate. Christian is also a graduate of the Molossian Naval Academy, but does not hold a rank within the Molossian Navy. His excellent leadership skills have served him well in the micro, and macronational world.

Upon the foundation of Letzembourg, Christian became less active within Delvera, focusing more on his own personal project. He officially renounced his Delveran citizenship in September of 2016, wad was honorably discharged from his military and government positions. He single-handedly founded the Grand Duchy of Letzembourg, later gaining help from a few close friends and external citizens. He sought out diplomatic relations with all serious micronations, earning him a good reputation within the micronational community. He later became affiliated with Karnia-Ruthenia, where he very quickly earned the trust and respect of the Imperial and Royal Government and its members.

On 11 April 2016, Christian officially became a citizen of the Karnian Empire and took the name of "Christian von Letzembourg." He also assumed office as leader of the Lower House of Karnia, the Abgeordnetenhaus. As he gained the trust of his peers, and advanced within the government of Karnia, Christian was appoionted as the Minister of Interior, being tasked with the administration and development of the lands and territories owned by the Empire. Christian was also appointed as the High-Commissioner of the Kingdom of Acrin on 11 May 2016, serving closely with His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Oscar I.

Military Career

After two days of intense correspondence, on the afternoon of 21 May 2016, Emperor-King Oscar I met with the Prime Minister of the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic, Mike Lewis, Marquis of New Charter, to discuss the renewal of the treaty of diplomatic relations between the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia and the civil war in progress in the Grand Duchy. After the meeting, His Imperial and Royal Majesty stated that the Empire would intervene in favor of the legitimate government of the Grand Duchy and called the General Staff of the Armed Forces. Prior to the conflict, Christian was granted the rank of Major in the Imperial and Royal Army and appointed to the position of Chief of Staff of the Army, serving on the General Staff of the Imperial and Royal Armed Forces of Karnia-Ruthenia.

Christian serves as the Chief Director of the Nordenian Military Administrative District, which is an autonomous member of the Grand Republic of Delvera. Norden is a special administrative region of the Grand Republic of Delvera, which is located in the US state of Pennsylvania. Norden was admitted into the Grand Republic on 30 December, 2016.

Christian is also a recipient of the Gotzborg Army Service Medal. The medal is awarded to recognize a Gotzer's time, dedication, and service to the Kingdom through the course of his or her employment as a member of the Royal Army. Christian currently holds the rank of Colonel in the Royal Army of Gotzborg.


Christian is a native speaker of English, and is the creator of various small conlangs, such as the Letzembourgish Language. In early 2016, he began his studies in Esperanto and can now communicate with the language at an upper-intermediate level. He has found Esperanto to be fairly easy to learn and has enjoyed the process. Christian is a former student of the French language, and a current learner of German. He is proficient in French and German, but he is not able to communicate with these languages at an advanced level, as he can in Esperanto.


Monarchical styles of
Grand Duke Christian of Letzembourg
Reference style His Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
Alternative style Sire

The full official title of the Grand Duke is:

His Royal Highness, Grand Duke Christian I, by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith, Grand Duke of Letzembourg, Grand Duke of Imvrassia, Duke of Victoria, Duke of Hatteras, Duke of Leige, Duke of Christmas, Duke of Gretzenmacher, Duke of Preußenland, Knight of the Order of the Edelweiss, Knight of the Order of Legislative Merit, Knight of the Order of St. Stephen, Knight of the Order of St. Peter, Knight of the Order of St. Paul, and Founder of the Great Nation of Letzembourg.



Order of the Edelweiss Order of Legislative Merit

Order of St. Stephen Order of St. Peter Order of St. Paul Grand Cross of Letzembourg

Cross of Letzembourg Meritorious Volunteer Service Award (Delvera) Operation Genesis Campaign Medal (Delvera) Army Service Medal (Gotzborg)

Order of Legislative Merit Order of St. Peter

Karno-Ruthenian decorations

Foreign decorations

Military command

Honorary appointments

Heritage and Ancestry

Ethnically, Christian is English, German, and Irish (with small amounts of Native American (Navajo) due to his mother's lineage). Christian's European ancestries however, are predominant (because of his grandfather's lineage). He was born in the state of North Carolina, in the United States.

Macronationally, Christian is a citizen of the United States. A small portion of his close relatives however, are British citizens. Micronationally, Christian is Karno-Ruthenian, Delveran, and North American (due to the Acrin Admission Act). Christian is primarily active within the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia, where he holds many prestigious government and military positions, however, he occasionally attends meetings hosted by the Congress of the North American Confederation.


Christian I, Grand Duke of Letzembourg
House of Letzembourg
Born: 28 October 2000
Royal titles
Preceded by
New title
Grand Duke of Letzembourg
20 December 2015 – present
Succeeded by