Cuatrida Airlines

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Cuatrida airocompania
IATA (planned) ICAO (planned) Callsign
Founded22 February 2022 (21 months ago) (2022-02-22)
Frequent-flyer programCuatrida Vacanse
SubsidiariesCuatrida Rejional
Fleet size4
Key peoplePrincess Cloe

Cuatrida Airlines (Lingua Franca Nova: Cuatrida airocompania) also known as Cuatrida is the planned virtual flag carrier of Sancratosia. Cuatrida maintains its headquarters in Sancratosia and operates from Duchess Maria I International Airport (SAI).[a] The airline is expected to operate virtually in the 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It is a state corporation responsible to the Ministry of Territory under the Department of Transportation.


Cuatrida was founded as a response to the initiative launched by Stephen Luke, then President of Dracul on simulated micronational airlines.[1] Its operations were delayed by the hardware limitation in Sancratosia at the time.


Cuatrida is expected to fly to micronations within the range of its fleet.

Micronation City Closest airport ICAO Code Location Fleet operating Notes
 Principality of Aigues-Mortes Aigues-Mortes Montpellier–Méditerranée Airport LFMT  France Airbus A320neo
 Commonwealth of Dracul Bran District Ellington Airport KEFD  United States Airbus A320neo
 Republic of Molossia Baughston Dayton Airpark KA34  United States Cessna Citation CJ4
 Kingdom of Ruritania Strelsau De Kalb–Peachtree Airport KPDK  United States Cessna Citation CJ4
 Newgraviate of Saint-Castin St-Alphonse, Province of Valinois Saguenay-Bagotville Airport CYBG  Canada Airbus A320neo
Villemaison, Province of Outaragasipi Montréal/Mascouche Airport CSA2  Canada Cessna 172
 Democratic Republic of Satoshi Satoshi Amsterdam Airport Schiphol EHAM  Netherlands Airbus A320neo
 United Slabovian Empire Moronto John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport CYHM  Canada Airbus A320neo
 Republic of Slowjamastan Dublândia Ocotillo Airport KL90  United States Cessna Citation CJ4


Concept livery of an Airbus A320neo

Cuatrida will only operate aircrafts which are available in Microsoft Flight Simulator and that are suited for its operations and the simulated aspect of the airline. As such it will operate both a Airbus A320neo and a Cessna Citation CJ4 for its jet fleet, each serving long-haul and short-haul flights respectively. It will also operate a Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

Cuatrida and subsidiaries mainline fleet
Aircraft Passengers Notes
J O Y Total
Airbus A320neo 12 138 150
Cessna Citation CJ4 10 10
Cessna 172 Skyhawk 3 3 Exclusively used by Cuatrida Rejional

Frequent flyer program

Cuatrida Vacanse is Cuatrida's frequent flyer rewards program.


Cuatrida Rejional

Cuatrida Rejional is the brand name of Cuatrida's regional service. It will exclusively use the Cessna 172 and only operate in the vicinity of Sancratosia, especially because of its short range.

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Informational notes

  1. Duchess Maria I International Airport share its runways with Montréal—Mirabel International Airport.


  1. Dracul 1 Bran District (19 February 2022), "How air travel could look between micronations",

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