La Ganso Coronada

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La Ganso Coronada
La prima fonte de novas de Sancratosia
The first news source of Sancratosia
Front page of La Ganso Coronada
TypeOnline newspaper
Owner(s)Difusa Sancratosia
Founder(s)Princess Cloe
Editor-in-chiefPrincess Cloe
Founded30 March 2022 (2 years ago) (2022-03-30)
ReadershipAverage of 40 by article

La Ganso Coronada (English: The Crowned Goose), is an English-language, state-owned newspaper based in Sancratosia. It was founded by Princess Cloe on 30 March 2022 with the aim of publishing stories about Sancratosia and the broader micronational community.

The newspaper is owned by Difusa Sancratosia, a state corporation under the administrative oversight of the Ministry of Economy under the Department of Telecommunications.

Initially published through Medium, an online publishing platform, La Ganso Coronada has since transitioned its operations to its own website, hosted on


Former home page as hosted on Medium.

La Ganso Coronada published its first story on 30 March 2022, announcing its foundation.[1] This initial publication was followed by its first in-depth piece on the same day, which provided a behind-the-scenes look at the Rhys T. Eyton National Museum.[2]

On 17 June 2023, the newspaper published its most popular story to date, titled "Micronationalists Prepare for MicroCon 2023." This article featured a series of interviews with attendees of MicroCon 2023, detailing their preparations for the event. Notable micronationalists featured in the article included Archduke Arthur C. de Tourneau, Princess Cloe de Sancratosia, Summi Imperatoria Christina I & II and Minister-President Dominic Desaintes.

The journal transitioned from its original publishing platform to being hosted on, the official website of Sancratosia, on 21 January 2024.

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  1. Despite being hosted on, the journal remains independent.
  2. Some elements, such as the titles, are sometimes written in Lingua Franca Nova, the official language of Sancratosia.


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