Municipality of Sancratosia

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Municipality of Sancratosia
Munisipa de Sancratosia (Lingua Franca Nova)
Flag of Municipality of Sancratosia
Coat of arms of Municipality of Sancratosia
Saluta (Lingua Franca Nova)
Country Sancratosia
Established1 December 2021 (2021-12-01)
Incorporated5 February 2022 (2022-02-05)[a]
Named forSancratosia
  • Altia Maria
  • Costa Sabosa
  • Jenoveva
  • La Curiosia
  • Sancratosia-Site
 • BodyMunicipal Council
 • MayorVacant
 • Total73
Time zoneUTC−05:00 (Eastern Time Zone)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-04:00 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Postal code
NNNNN (Proposed)
Area code761 (Proposed)
Discord server

The Municipality of Sancratosia (Lingua Franca Nova: Munisipa de Sancratosia) constitutes the sole administrative division of the Principality of Sancratosia, encompassing its entire territorial extent.

Beyond its physical jurisdiction, the municipality is also represented virtually through a Discord server, established as its digital counterpart. This virtual platform serves as an official channel for civic engagement and community interaction within Sancratosia. The server was formally inaugurated on 5 February 2022 (2022-02-05).[1]


The governance of the Municipality of Sancratosia is overseen by the Municipal Council, led by the Mayor.

The municipality assumes responsibility for managing the social, cultural, and civil aspects of life within the Principality of Sancratosia.


Map of the administrative divisions of Sancratosia.

For administrative purposes, the municipality is currently divided in five districts:

Districts of Sancratosia
Code Name Area
SN-AM Altia Maria 72.38 km2 (27.95 sq mi)
SN-CS Costa Sabosa 93.02 km (57.80 mi)
SN-JE Jenoveva 118.02 km (73.33 mi)
SN-CU La Curiosia 130.56 km (81.13 mi)
SN-SA Sancratosia-Site 133.22 km (82.78 mi)
SN Sancratosia 547.20 km (340.01 mi)


Population of the municipality by status

  Sancratosian citizens (23.29%)
  Foreign visitors (76.71%)

Within the virtual representation of the Municipality, foreign visitors constitute the largest demographic group. Among them, foreign heads of state and heads of government represent the most prominent category.

Notable residents of the Municipality include Princess Cloe and Cristian Neuton.

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  1. The launch of the Discord server is considered to be the incorporation of the Municipality.


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