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Road signs in Sancratosia are influenced and similar to French road signs with some small differences. The Ministry of Territory and more specifically the Department of Transportation is responsible for the administration of the Guidelines on Road Signs and Signals in the Principality of Sancratosia. Because of its extraterritorial condition, there are no road signs currently in Sancratosia. Even if the effective use of some signs is unlikely to be applied[a] because of its territorial nature, the Principality still foresees their potential use and as such considers them part of its guidelines.

Road signs are usually only in Lingua Franca Nova, the official language of Sancratosia. However, some signs such as C25c can be trilingual and some like SR50 can be available in English and French.

The Principality is a signatory of the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals.

Hypothetical road sign (C25c) at the entrance of Sancratosia, signalling the use of Vienna road signs instead of Canadian road signs.

Warning and danger signs

Priority and intersection signs

Regulatory signs

Restriction and prohibition signs

End of restriction or prohibition signs

Obligation signs

End of obligation signs

Zonal prescription signs

Information signs

Service signs


Direction signs

Road safety signs

Temporary signs

Additional signs

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  1. Signs related to heavy infrastructure such as tramways or airports


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