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This is a list of museums in Sancratosia, encompassing institutions that collect and care for objects of cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical interest, making their collections or related exhibits available for public viewing.

Sancratosia has a network of public national museums, maintained and operated by the National Museums of Sancratosia. The Principality is also home to a network of private museums dedicated to the personal collections of the House of Sancratosia.

National Museums

National museums in Sancratosia are maintained and funded by the government and administered by the National Museums of Sancratosia.

Duchess Jana I National Museum and Archives

The Duchess Jana I National Museum and Archives features items from the history of Sancratosia and the micronational community, including notable items such as a 1994 Sealand Half-Dollar. It is also the repository for the Crown Jewels and a signed copy of the Constitution.

Duchess Maria II National Museum of Visual Arts

The Duchess Maria II National Museum of Visual Arts showcases visual art exhibitions from Sancratosian and other micronational artists.

Princely Museums

A display at the Nadia Comaneci Princely Museum.

On 1 November 2023, two national museums were reclassified as "Princely" museums to reflect their status as personal collections of the House of Sancratosia. These museums were officially integrated into the Princely Museums Network on 10 March 2024.

Rhys T. Eyton Princely Museum

The Rhys T. Eyton Princely Museum[a] covers the history of Canadian Airlines, which operated from 1987 until 2001. The museum features memorabilia from the airline, as well as internal items from the company belonging to former employees. On 2 June 2022, the museum unveiled a virtual exhibition marking the 35th anniversary of the foundation of Canadian Airlines.[1]

Nadia Comaneci Princely Museum

The Nadia Comaneci Princely Museum[b] features an extensive collection related to the 1976 Summer Olympic Games. Notable items include an official participation medal and a signed gymnastics ticket by Olympian Nadia Comăneci, a first-time gold medalist at the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Kanekichi Yasui – 安井 兼吉 Princely Museum

The Kanekichi Yasui – 安井 兼吉 Princely Museum is dedicated to typewriters manufactured by the Japanese company Brother Industries. It features manual, electric, and electronic typewriters from different eras.

John Z. DeLorean Princely Museum

The John Z. DeLorean Princely Museum[c] features items related to the history of the DeLorean Motor Company, specifically the production of the DMC DeLorean car. It is notable for containing a collection mainly composed of reproductions rather than original pieces.

Arthur Stanley Eddington Princely Museum

The Arthur Stanley Eddington Princely Museum[d] covers the topic of worldbuilding. It features exhibitions on world creation, constructed languages, and celebrates the work of pioneers in the field.

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  1. Formerly the Rhys T. Eyton National Museum.
  2. Formerly the Nadia Comaneci National Museum.
  3. Formerly the privately-operated John Z. DeLorean Museum.
  4. Formerly the privately-operated Arthur Stanley Eddington Museum.


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