National Museums of Sancratosia

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National Museums of Sancratosia
Museos nasional de Sancratosia (Lingua Franca Nova)
Agency overview
Formed29 January 2023 (17 months ago) (2023-01-29)
JurisdictionGovernment Council of Sancratosia
Minister responsible
Parent departmentDepartment of Culture
WebsiteOfficial website

National Museums of Sancratosia (Lingua Franca Nova: Museos nasional de Sancratosia) is the administrative body overseeing a network of public museums funded and maintained by the government of Sancratosia. It operates as a state corporation under the administrative oversight of the Ministry of Society under the Department of Culture.


Duchess Jana I National Museum and Archives

Sancratosia's presentation table at MicroCon 2022, prepared with the help of the Duchess Jana I National Museum and Archives.

The Duchess Jana I National Museum and Archives houses historical items from Sancratosia and the broader micronational community. Notable exhibits include a 1994 Sealand Half-Dollar, the Crown Jewels, and a signed copy of the Constitution. The institution also lends items and assists with display installations for events such as MicroCon.

Duchess Maria II National Museum of Visual Arts

The Duchess Maria II National Museum of Visual Arts showcases visual art exhibitions by Sancratosian and other micronational artists, reflecting the principality's commitment to promoting cultural and artistic expression.

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