Sancratosia and the Grand Unified Micronational

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Grand Unified Micronational membership
MembershipFull member
  • Full member: 3 October 2022 (2022-10-03)
  • Provisional member: 31 July 2022 (2022-07-31)
  • Observer: 22 February 2022 (2022-02-22)
GUM EnvoyPrincess Cloe

The Principality of Sancratosia is a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational, and has been since the Quorum of delegates convened and voted on 2 October 2022[a].


On 22 February 2022 (2022-02-22), following the acceptance by the Quorum of delegates of the Grand Unified Micronational and the proclamation of Sovereign Ordinance no 39, Sancratosia officially became an observer state.[1] The observer status was only renewed once on 12 May 2022 (2022-05-12).[2]

On 31 July 2022 (2022-07-31), the Quorum voted in favour of the provisional membership of Sancratosia, which was officialized by the proclamation of Sovereign Ordinance no 79.[3] The vote was originally not scheduled and was put forward following a request by the delegation of the Uber-Essian Union. This allowed Sancratosia to accede to provisional membership before attending MicroCon 2022.

The vote for full membership occured on 2 October 2022 (2022-10-02)[a] and the officialization happened in Sancratosia on 6 November 2022 (2022-11-06), more than a month after the vote due to an oversight by the Ministry of Foreign Relations.[4]

On 9 October 2023 (2023-10-09), the Sancratosian delegation, through their main delegate, Princess Cloe, signed its first petition for a vote of no confidence in Vice Chairman James Bornstein, the latter resigning shortly after the petition was submitted to the Supreme Court of the Grand Unified Micronational.


In December 2022, Sancratosia voted in its first elections for the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational. The Sancratosian delegation have announced its endorsement at every election since becoming a member. The delegation never did announce its second and third choices.

Electoral record of the Sancratosian delegation
Election Endorsed candidates Elected candidates Notes
December 2022 Uber-Essian Union Henry Clémens and Empire of Paravia Patrick Renwick Zenrax Shiro Mephistopheles and Austenasia Jonathan I
June 2023 Abstention New Virginia Simon White and Desert District James Bornstein


GUM Heritage Council

On 27 October 2022 (2022-10-27), Sancratosia was selected to be an assessor for the month of November 2022 on the GUM Heritage Council. The Principality joined the delegations of the Commonwealth of New Virginia, Elmwycke and the Second Crowned Republic of Yu-Xia as the inaugural group of assessors.

Diplomaseal World Tour

On 29 March 2023 (2023-03-29), it was announced that Sancratosia would be a part of the first rota of the Diplomaseal World Tour, as one of the destinations.

First rota

  1.  Austenasia
  2.  Lytera
  3.  Snagov
  4.  Sonderan
  5.  Pibocip
  6.  Sancratosia

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Informational notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 The vote was confirmed on 3 October 2022 (2022-10-03).


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