Ministry of Foreign Relations (Sancratosia)

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Ministry of Foreign Relations
Ministreria de Relatas esterna de Sancratosia (Lingua Franca Nova)
Signature of the Ministry of Foreign Relations
Agency overview
Formed1 December 2021 (23 months ago) (2021-12-01)
JurisdictionGovernment Council of Sancratosia
Headquarters Sancratosia
Annual budgetSNI 550 (2022/23)
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Foreign Relations (Lingua Franca Nova: Ministreria de Relatas esterna), is the Ministry responsible for the general foreign policy of the Government of the Principality of Sancratosia. It is headed by the Minister of Foreign Relations.


The Ministry of Foreign Relations is responsible for 2 departments.

Department Associated entities
Department of International Collaboration
  • Office of International Aid
Department of Diplomacy
  • Office of Representation
  • Office of Protocol

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