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Sancratosian passport
Pasaporto sancratosian (Lingua Franca Nova)
caption = 2022 Design
2022 Design
Issued byMinister of State on behalf of the Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia
First issued21 April 2022 (2022-04-21)
EligibilitySancratosian nationals
CostSNI 100

A Sancratosian passport (Lingua Franca Nova: Pasaporto sancratosian) is the passport issued to citizens of nationality of Sancratosia. The passport is issued in the name of the Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia by the Minister of State. Even though they are issued to citizens, they remain the property of the government of the Principality and must be returned if requested by the Ministry of State.

Application and issuance

The issuance of passports remain the prerogative of the Sovereign Princess. They are issued, in the name of the sovereign, by the Minister of State, according to Sovereign Ordinance no 55. This ordinance specifies the grounds for which the Ministry of State can issue a passport.[1]


Applications for passports is made through ePorteta, the online portal reserved to citizens of Sancratosia.

Passport fees

The fee for a standard passport issued in Sancratosia is SNI 100. All fees are payable in Sancratosian impresas.

Refusal and revocation of passports

The Ministry of State has the power to revoke a passport or refuse to issue a passport.

Physical appearance

Passports are red, with the Coat of arms of Sancratosia in the centre of the front cover. The words "PASAPORTO•PASSEPORT•PASSPORT" are inscribed below the coat of arms and "PRINSIA DE SANCRATOSIA•PRINCIPAUTÉ DE SANCRATOSIA•PRINCIPALITY OF SANCRATOSIA" above. The Lingua Franca Nova text being slightly larger than the French and English text. This indicates the status of the three languages within the Principality. The size dimensions of a closed Sancratosian passport are 8.89 cm (3.5") by 12.7 cm (5").

Data page

  • Photo of the passeport holder
  • Type (Tipo/Type): P
  • Issuing country (Pais emetor/Pays émetteur): listed as "Sancratosia"
  • Surname (Nom/Nom)
  • Given names (Nom individual/Prénoms)
  • Nationality (Nasionalia/Nationalité): Sancratosian nationality marked as "Sancratosian" only in Lingua Franca Nova
  • Sex (Seso/Sexe): "Om" for Male, "Fem" for Female, "Otra" for Other.[a]
  • Place of birth (Loca de nase/Lieu de naissance): the city and three-letter country code are listed
  • Authority (Autoria/Autorité)
  • Date of issue (Data de relasa/Date de délivrance)


Sancratosian passports follow international rules by indicating the mention of sex. However, applicants are free to indicate the mention with which they are most at ease. A note on the Observations page may be inscribed to indicate the preferred pronouns of the individual if requested.

Passport note

Passport note of the Sancratosian passport.

The passports contain a note from the issuing authority addressed to the authorities of other states, identifying the possessor of the passport as a Sancratosian citizen and requesting that they may be allowed to pass without delay and be treated according to international norms as well as to give them assistance when in need. The textual portions are printed in Lingua Franca Nova and smaller in English and French. The note inside Sancratosian passports states, in Lingua Franca Nova:

Per autoria de Sua Alita Suprema la Prinsesa Suprema de Sancratosia, la Ministro de Stato invita la Autoriosas consernada a lasa pasa la posesor de esta pasaporto sin retarda o constrinje e, en casa de nesesa, el dona aida e proteje.

In French:

Au nom de Son Altesse Souveraine la Princesse Souveraine de Sancratosia, le Ministre d'État invite les Autorités concernées à laisser passer la personne titulaire de ce passeport sans délai ou entraves et, en cas de besoin, lui donner aide et protection.

And in English:

In the name of Her Sovereign Highness the Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia, the Minister of State invite the concerned Authorities to allow entrance to the bearer of this passport without delay or hindrance and, in case of need, to give them aid and protection.

Visa requirements

Visa requirements for Sancratosian citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Sancratosia. The Sancratosian passport is not recognized by any of the 193 member states of the United Nations. A notice at the end of the passport warns the bearer that the passport might not be recognized by other sovereign states and might not be used to travel between countries.


Sancratosian passport is de facto recognized by many micronations. Visas are required by many micronations and Sancratosia does not have visa-free agreements with any micronation.

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Informational notes

  1. Sancratosia's policy is the auto-determination of the gender identity, any gender can be marked on identity documents.


  1. Principality of Sancratosia (20 April 2022), "Sovereign Ordinance no 55 of 20 April 2022 on the issuance of passports",

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