Vehicle registration plates of Sancratosia

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Country Sancratosia
Current series
SloganMonarcia bonvolente (Lingua Franca Nova)
Benevolent monarchy
Serial formatAB 1234
Rear plateRequired for all vehicle, including bicycles
Introduced21 April 2022 (19 months ago) (2022-04-21)
Issued byMinistry of Territory,
Department of Transportation
Manufactured byBikepl8s

Vehicle registration plates of Sancratosia are mandatory on every type of vehicle circulating in Sancratosia, including bicycles. The plates have black font on a white background, with the coat of arms on the left side. The motto "Monarcia bonvolente" (English: Benevolent monarchy), stands at the top of the plates and the mention "Prinsia de Sancratosia" (English: Principality of Sancratosia), stands just below the number.

Vehicle categories

Certain vehicle categories are indicated on plates by the use of prefixes.

Active categories Prefix
Official vehicle plates PS
Personal vehicles plates VP
Commercial vehicles plates VC
Diplomatic vehicles plates DE

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