Politics of Sancratosia

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Politics of Sancratosia

Politica de Sancratosia (Lingua Franca Nova)
Polity typeUnitary semi-constitutional monarchy
ConstitutionConstitution of Sancratosia
Legislative branch
NameNational Council
Presiding officerVacant, President of the National Council
Executive branch
Head of State
TitleSovereign Princess
CurrentlyPrincess Cloe
AppointerHouse of Sancratosia
Head of Government
TitleMinister of State
CurrentlyCristian Neuton
AppointerSovereign Princess
NameGovernment Council
LeaderPresident of the Government Council[a]
AppointerSovereign Princess
Judicial branch
CourtsCourt system of Sancratosia
Supreme Court

The politics of Sancratosia function within a framework of a constitutional monarchy, with the Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia as head of state, while certain powers are delegated to various advisory and legislative bodies.


The Constitution of Sancratosia, adopted on 2 December 2022, delineates the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, organized into multiple councils. As head of state, the Sovereign holds the predominant governing authority within the nation.

Government of Sancratosia

Executive branch

Main office holders
Office Name Since
Sovereign Princess Cloe 1 December 2021
Minister of State Cristian Neuton 11 January 2022
Councillor-Minister of Society Vacant 30 June 2023
Councillor-Minister of Finances Vacant 1 December 2021
Councillor-Minister of Economy Vacant 1 December 2021
Councillor-Minister of Territory Vacant 1 December 2021
Councillor-Minister of Foreign Relations Vacant 1 December 2021

The Government Council serves as the principal governing body of Sancratosia, operating under the authority of the hereditary Sovereign. The Minister of State and Councillor-Ministers are appointed by the Sovereign. The Sovereign receives counsel from both the Crown Council and the State Council.

Legislative branch

Main office holders
Office Name Since
President of the National Council Vacant 1 December 2021

The National Council is the unicameral legislative body with 12 seats. Members are elected through popular vote for one-year terms. The Sovereign Princess has the authority to dissolve the National Council, following consultation with the Crown Council, with new elections mandated within three months.

Political parties and elections

Judicial branch

The Peace Court is the smallest court in the Principality and handles disputes over fines and minor civil or penal matters. The General Court is the primary trial court for civil, criminal, and administrative cases. The review courts are the Appeal Court which reviews appeals from lower court decisions, and the Revision Court which serves as the highest judicial body, conducting final reviews. The Supreme Court is responsible for judicial review of laws and governmental actions.

Administrative divisions

Main office holders
Office Name Since
Mayor of Sancratosia Vacant 1 December 2021

The Principality is composed of a single administrative division, the municipality. It is administered by the Municipal Council.

For administrative purposes, the municipality is currently divided in five districts:

  • Altia Maria
  • Costa Sabosa
  • Jenoveva
  • La Curiosia
  • Sancratosia-Site

International organization participation

Sancratosia is a member state of the following organizations:

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Notes and References


  1. The President of the Government Council is de jure the Minister of State.


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