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IMSO 1-2:SN is the entry for the Principality of Sancratosia in IMSO 1-2, a standard defined by the Intermicronational Organization for Standardization (IMSO) under IMSO 1. This standard provides codes for the names of principal subdivisions of all countries listed in IMSO 1.

Currently, Sancratosia is assigned IMSO 1-2 codes for its five districts.

Each code follows a specific format, comprising two parts separated by a hyphen. The first part is "SN", which represents the IMSO 1-1 alpha-2 code assigned to Sancratosia. The second part consists of two letters, uniquely identifying each district within the Principality.

Current codes

Code Subdivision name (lfn)
SN-AM Altia Maria
SN-CS Costa Sabosa
SN-JE Jenoveva
SN-CU La Curiosia
SN-SA Sancratosia-Site

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