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This is a list of public holidays in Sancratosia.

Public holidays

Public holidays (Lingua Franca Nova: dias recreal)[a] are celebrated in Sancratosia normally by taking a day off. If it falls on a weekend or if there is no work scheduled during the coming holiday, the day off is taken on the closest business day.

Date English name Lingua Franca Nova name French name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day Dia de la anio nova Jour de l'An New Year's Day is celebrated by most of the world's countries.
15 January George Boeree Day Dia de George Boeree Jour de George Boeree Celebration of the birthday of George Boeree, creator of Lingua Franca Nova.
10 February National Flag Day Dia de la bandera nasional Jour du Drapeau national Celebration of the National Flag of Sancratosia.
Third Monday of February Sancratosians' Day Dia de Sancratosianes Jour des personnes Sancratosiennes Celebration of Sancratosian nationals and residents.
1 March Sovereign Princess Day Dia de la Prinsesa Suprema Jour de la Princesse Souveraine Celebration of the birthday of Princess Cloe, Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia.
21 March Elefen Language Day Dia de la lingua franca nova Jour de l'Elefen Worldwide celebration of Lingua Franca Nova the official language of the nation.[1]
15 April Duchess Maria I Day Dia de la Duxesa Maria I Jour de la Duchesse Marie I Celebration of the birthday of Duchess Maria I Day, honorific founder of the House of Sancratosia.
1 May Workers' Day Dia de laboras Jour du Travail Workers' Day is a worldwide celebration of workers and the working class.
Fourth Friday of May Friendship's Day Dia de la amia Jour de l'Amitié Celebration of the concept of friendship, between people and between nations.
10 June Chives Day Dia de la siboleta Jour de la Ciboulette Celebration of the national flower, the chives.
First Monday of September Goose Day Dia de la ganso Jour de la Bernache Celebration of the national bird, the Canada goose.
21 October Emergence Day Dia de la emerji Jour de l'Émergence Celebration of the emergence of the nation.
11 November Martlet Day Dia de la venseo Jour du Martinet Celebrates the core values and principles of the Principality.
1 December Independence Day Dia de la nondepende Jour de l'Indépendance Celebration of the Declaration of independence of Sancratosia.
17 December Maple Day Dia de la asero Jour de l'Érable Celebrates the maple, the national tree and an important product in Sancratosian culture.
25 December Winter's Day Dia de la inverno Jour de l'Hiver Known in most countries as Christmas.

Other public holidays

The Sovereign Princess can, by Sovereign Ordinance, declare a public holiday that can be held once. It is normally done for the birth or death of a member of the Sovereign Family.

Notable days

Notable days are important days in Sancratosia that are not celebrated by taking a day off. They mark a special occasion or event within the Principality or concerning the Principality. They were enshrined in a Sovereign Ordinance on 3 June 2024 to include more notable days celebrating people inducted in the Sancratosian Hall of Fame.

Date English name Lingua Franca Nova name French name Remarks
6 January John Z. DeLorean Day Dia de John Z. DeLorean Jour de John Z. DeLorean Marks the birth of John Z. DeLorean, founder of the DeLorean Motor Company, famous for the production of the DMC-12 car.
5 February Municipality Day Dia de la munisipa Jour de la municipalité Marks the launch of the Discord server, the virtual representation of the Municipality of Sancratosia.
8 February Dmitri Mendeleev Day Dia de Dmitri Mendeleev Jour de Dmitri Mendeleev Marks the birth of Dmitri Mendeleev, inventor of the modern periodic table of elements.
11 February Monaco Day Dia de Monaco Jour de Monaco Marks the signature of the Franco-Monégasque Treaty of 1861, which enshrined Monaco's sovereignty.
14 February Christopher Latham Sholes Day Dia de Christopher Latham Sholes Jour de Christopher Latham Sholes Marks the birth of Christopher Latham Sholes inventor of the QWERTY keyboard and one of the first inventor of the typewriter.
24 February Judith Butler Day Dia de Judith Butler Jour de Judith Butler Marks the birth of Judith Butler, known for their contribution to queer theory.
14 March Albert Einstein Day Dia de Albert Einstein Jour d'Albert Einstein Marks the birth of Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist best known for developing the theory of relativity.
22 March Auguste and Louis Lumière Day Dia de Auguste e Louis Lumière Jour d'Auguste et Louis Lumière Marks the first public screening of the works of Auguste and Louis Lumière, pioneers of cinema.
27 March Canadian Airlines Day Dia de Canadian Airlines Jour des Lignes Aériennes Canadien Marks the foundation of Canadian Airlines.
28 April Kurt Gödel Day Dia de Kurt Gödel Jour de Kurt Gödel Marks the brith of Kurt Gödel, known for his incompleteness theorems.
22 May Hergé Day Dia de Hergé Jour de Hergé Marks the brith of Hergé, creator of The Adventures of Tintin.
23 May Carl Linnaeus Day Dia de Carl Linnaeus Jour de Carl Linnaeus Marks the brith of Carl Linnaeus, inventor of binomial nomenclature.
1 June ePorteta Day Dia de ePorteta Jour de ePorteta Marks the launch of ePorteta.
7 June Alan Turing Day Dia de Alan Turing Jour d'Alan Turing Marks the death of Alan Turing, pioneer of theoretical computer science.
23 June Olympic Games Day Dia de Juas Olimpial Jour des Jeux Olympiques Marks the creation of the modern Olympic Games.
2 July Queen Day Dia de Queen Jour de Queen Marks the birth of music band Queen.[b]
27 August Leon Theremin Day Dia de Leon Theremin Jour de Leon Theremin Marks the birth of Leon Theremin, inventor of the theremin.
2 September Pierre de Coubertin Day Dia de Pierre de Coubertin Jour de Pierre de Coubertin Marks the death of Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games.
5 October Denis Diderot Day Dia de Denis Diderot Jour de Denis Diderot Marks the birth of Denis Diderot, co-founder, chief editor, and contributor to the Encyclopédie.
27 October Raymond Dewar Day Dia de Raymond Dewar Jour de Raymond Dewar Marks the death of deaf rights advocate Raymond Dewar.
23 November Heraldry Day Dia de la eraldia Jour de l'héraldique Marks the creation of the Coat of arms of Sancratosia.
24 November Charles-Michel de l'Épée Day Dia de Charles-Michel de l'Épée Jour de Charles-Michel de l'Épée Marks the birth of Charles-Michel de l'Épée, founder of the first deaf school.
10 December Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet Day Dia de Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet Jour de Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet Marks the birth of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, founder of the first North American deaf school and namesake for Gallaudet University, the only deaf university in the world.
11 December National Anthem Day Dia de la imno nasional Jour de l'Hymne national Marks the unveiling of the Imno nasional de Sancratosia.
15 December Robert Slimbach Day Dia de Robert Slimbach Jour de Robert Slimbach Marks the brith of Robert Slimbach, Principal Type Designer at Adobe, Inc. and designer of the typefaces officially in use by the government of Sancratosia.

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  1. The preferred term in Sancratosia is "recreational days", considered to be more secular.
  2. Marking the first time the classical lineup of Deacon, May, Mercury and Taylor played together on stage.


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