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The Grand Unified Micronational Calendar, also referred to as the GUM Calendar is a project within the Grand Unified Micronational with the aim of easily displaying important dates for member states on a universal forum, so that every delegate may see them. The aim is to improve diplomatic relations between member states through an increase in shared celebrations of certain events.


Vice-Chair Matthew of Essexia suggested a GUM calendar during an informal conversation in the politan on 26 October 2020. Following this, Varuna Sriraya of Vishwamitra put forward the proposal to create a unified calendar "which would comprise of all important dates linked to the organization and all other member-nations" on 7 November 2020 in quorum. Both received positive responses, and the Development Secretary at the time Adam Belcher offered to create it, however, nothing came about.

The calendar proposal was brought up again on 7 December 2020 in Jack Dean's manifesto for the Grand Unified Micronational election, December 2020 under 'a plan for fun' as "a way for us to learn more about each other, and enjoy the best and happiest days of each other's nations." Subsequently, the Chair had intended to hold a motion on the matter on 9 January 2021 (His second quorum) but decided against it as it was a matter which didn't necessitate such a vote, and the agenda was already rather long. As such, work began on 16 January 2021 to formalise the calendar.














Multinational holidays

Add micronations under the hoildays celebrated.

New Year’s Day : 1 January

Summer Solstice : 21 June

Armistice Day : 11 November

Winter Solstice : 21 December

Christmas Eve : 24 December

Christmas Day : 25 December

Boxing Day : 26 December

New Year's Eve : 31 December


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