Grand Unified Micronational election, December 2021

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GUM Chair election, June 2021

← June 2021 16–23 December 2021 June 2022 →
Candidate Adam I Isaiah Burdette
Party Liberal-Moderate Independent
Home state Adammia Burdette
Running mate Jack Dean Mike Lewis
States carried 20 5
Percentage 64.5% 16.1%

Candidate Simon Reeve Christina I & II
Party Aenopian Independence Party Independent
Home state Aenopia Lytera
Running mate Larry Martin Amelia I
States carried 4 2
Percentage 12.9% 6.5%

Chair before election

Anthony Clark
New Florence Greens

Elected Chair

Emperor Adam I

The next Grand Unified Micronational election to elect the chair and vice-chair will run from 16 December 2021 to 23 December. The new chair and vice-chair will take office on 1 January. Campaigning will begin on 25 November 2021.

The election is the second one held under the new charter, which was enacted on 21 March 2021.

The current chair is Anthony Clark, and the current vice-chair is Lord Lewis.


The election will be administered by Adam I of Adammia, the acting supreme justice. The election will use a joint ticket procedure to elect both the chair and vice-chair; before March 2021, the vice-chair was nominated by the newly elected chair and then confirmed by Quorum. There'll also be a campaign ban: no one will be allowed to campaign until three weeks before the election takes place.

This election is the second to use instant-runoff voting.


Name Experience State Party (if applicable) Running mate Campaign announcement date
Campaign Logo

Christina I & II
Viscountess of Lytera (2021–present)
Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia (2018–present)
Secondary GUM delegate for Lytera (2021–2022)

Kingdom of Lytera
Independent Amelia Banks 13 November

Isaiah David
King of Burdette (2020–present)

GUM delegate for Burdette (2021–present)

Kingdom of Burdette
Independent Stormhold Mike Lewis 14 November N/A

Adam I
Emperor of Adammia (2013–present)

Former Chair of the GUM (2014, 2015, 2018–19)
Associate justice (2021–present)

Empire of Adammia
Liberal-Moderate Party Jack Dean 16 November

Simon Reeve
Emperor of Aenopia (2019–present)

Former Chair of the CA (2021)

Empire of Aenopia
Aenopian Independence Party Larry Martin[a] 28 November

Former candidates

Name Experience State Party (if applicable) Running mate Campaign announcement date
Campaign Logo Dropped Out
Leon Montan President of Ponderosa Hills (2020–present)
GUM delegate for Aenopia (2020–present)

Empire of Aenopia
Independent Thorin Neal 14 November Unannounced 27 November


  1. Sertor Valentinus formerly was Vice-Chair candidate until 30 November 2021.