Arirang (GUM Anthem)

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This article discusses the rendition of the song in question used by the Grand Unified Micronational. For more information on the song it is based upon, see Wikipedia's page on the subject.

Arirang is a Korean folk song and arguably one of the most recognised pieces of Korean, and indeed Asian, music in the world. The tune of the song was adopted by the Grand Unified Micronational in August 2009 as a representative anthem, chosen both for its peaceful (as opposed to aggressive or patriotic) melody and for its international recognition. The organisation currently utilises an orchestral piece that includes some traditional Korean musical instruments, which runs for just under three minutes in all. The song was proposed as an anthem by Robert Lethler, at the time the Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational Justice Commission (Supreme Judge), and the rendition in question was found and altered by the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia to suit the institution better.


In August 2009 the Central People's Government of Erusia commissioned an original rendition of the song which it called Take Me High Over Arirang Mountain, deriving the name from the original Korean lyrics of the song. This instrumental sets itself aside from the original version as it has lyrics. In keeping with the ideals of the Grand Unified Micronational, the song uses Arirang Mountain as a metaphor for the idealistic and peaceful community the organisation strives to achieve. The lyrics are as follows:

Oh, how I long,
For those sweet summer days back at home,
When we spread our wings out and flew over Arirang Mountain!

Many years have passed since,
Those summer days,
But one day we will return and fly over Arirang Mountain!

The future is looking brighter than it ever has before,
And I can see a golden sun rising up on the horizon before me,
Soon we will return to our beloved home, Take me high, take me high over Arirang Mountain!