Gymnasium State and the Grand Unified Micronational

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Gymnasium State and the GUM
Grand Unified Micronational membership
MembershipFull delegate
Since25 December 2018
GUM EnvoyTomáš Falešník

The Gymnasium State is a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational, and has been since the Quorum of Delegates on 25 December 2018. Gymnasium State was previously a provisional member since 8 December 2018. The delegate of the Gymnasium State, Tomáš Falešník, served as the Secretary for Statistical Research between 7 July 2019 and 11 January 2020.


The Gymnasium State only appointed a single delegate to the Grand Unified Micronational, Tomáš Falešník, who represented the micronation since it was accepted as provisional member on 8 December 2020. Adam Pivetz is however a member of diplomatic staff since 20 May 2019, joined by Joel Novotný on 24 November 2020.


Tomáš Falešník was voted in as the Secretary for Statistical Research on 7 July 2019, ending the period of vacancy. During his term, he conducted two statistical reports of the member state, until Otto Gillespie Birch was voted in the office on 11 January 2020. Tomáš was also appointed as the Secretary for Diplomacy and Recruitment on 2 January 2021.


Quorum attendance

Gymnasium State has missed several Quorums, and arrived late or had to leave early from a number of them.


24 Hour Quorums

GUM elections voting

Prior to the June 2019 election, the delegate of the Gymnasium State, Tomáš Falešník, declared he will not be running for the Chair, and never expressed interest since. He was also offered to be the running mate of Dionisiy I in the December 2019 election, however he declined the offer.

Election Candidate Outcome Notes Ref.
Dec 2018  Posaf Nicholas Randouler Adam I
Jun 2019  Kingdom of Wyvern Bradley of Dullahan Bradley of Dullahan
Dec 2019  Montescano Dionisiy I Thomas I
Jun 2020  Uber-Esse Newton von Uberquie Uber-Essian Union Newton von Uberquie
Dec 2020 Essexia Jack Dean Jack Dean

Other activities


The Gymnasium State became a signatory of the Wrythe Convention prior to being a member of the GUM on 24 September 2018, and advocated against fictional micronations in the Czech sector since. The Gymnasium State however never signed the Edgbaston Convention.

Sister Cities

The Gymnasium State entered Sušice-Gympl in the Phase 3 of the Sister Cities Program, where it was paired with Wrythe, Austenasia and New Tenby, Aenopia, and later was paired with Aden, Liangsi.

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