Stone Lion Award

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Stone Lion Award
Ocenění kamenného lva
OKL - vzor.png
Example certificate
Type Ceremonial
Eligibility People without Gymnasian citizenship
Awarded for Significant role in development of the Gymnasium State
Status Currently awarded
Established 20 June 2020
First awarded Nicholas Randouler
Total awarded 1

The Stone Lion Award (Czech: Ocenění kamenného lva, abbreviated OKL) is the only state award of the Gymnasium State. It is awarded by the Senate to individuals who played significant role in the development of the Gymnasium State or for other reasons it considers suitable. Citizens of the Gymnasium State can't receive the award. The awarded person only receives a printed or digital certificate, rather than receiving a medal as is common for other state honours. It was only awarded once when it was established on 20 June 2020.

List of recipients