The Imperium

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The Imperium

Reconstruction of the flag
Motto: none
Anthem: none
and largest city
Official languagesCzech
Governmentde facto anarchy
• Census
CurrencyCzech crown
Time zoneGMT+1
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Gymnasium State

The Imperium (Czech: Impérium) was a non-territorial state-like entity in the history of Gymnasium State. The Imperium started in the autumn of 2016. The Imperium did not consider itself as a micronation, because of the unawareness of such entities, although it would fall in the category. The Imperium had four citizens for the time of its existence. The government was planned to be monarchy, however it didn't develop much during the existence. It soon collapsed during the spring of 2017, as the founder, Radek Vastl, was trying toslowly gain more power over the government. It was the longest lasting and the second state-like entity in the series of communities preceding the Gymnasium State.

The members of The Imperium became citizens of Gymnasium State in December 2017, marking the start of reform of the micronation. The Imperium is not considered direct predecessor of the Gymnasium State, because it didn't consider themselves an independent micronation and because it joined Gymnasium State after the formation of the Socialist State of Gymnasium.