Second Republic (Gymnasium State)

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Stát Gymnázium
Motto: Jednou budem dál (Czech)
We shall overcome
Anthem: "Gaudeamus igitur" (Latin)
So Let Us Rejoice
Location of the Gymnasium State (Coordinates:  49.235, 13.521)
Location of the Gymnasium State
(Coordinates 49.235, 13.521)
and largest city
Official languagesCzech, English
Recognised regional languagesGerman, Swedish
GovernmentDirect democratic parliamentary republic
• President
Adam Pivetz (first)
František Prášek (first)
• Unofficial State of Gymnasium
18 November 2017
8 January 2018
10 January 2018
13 February 2018
13 February 2019
• Total
0.0078 km2 (0.0030 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• January 2018 census
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Socialist State
Third Republic

The Second Republic is a common name for a period in history of the Gymnasium State between the transition from the Socialist State of Gymnasium and the Second Constitution on 13 February 2019. The period is also known for the entry of the Gymnasium State into the MicroWiki community, mainly into its Czech branch.


The Provisional Constitution

Transitional Period

The Transitional Period is commonly said to begin on 18 November 2017, when the Socialist State of Gymnasium joined the Czech MicroWiki community, already under the name Unofficial State of Gymnasium. The Council of the Socialist State of Gymnasium began work on the Constitution, with Joel Novotný drafting the Provisional Constitution. However this Constitution later immedeately caused controversies when it was signed on 10 January 2018, as after its signatory, it was revealed that it contained Novotný's own ideas instead of ideas created by the Council. The Provisional Constitution had to be changed, however some Novotný's ideas were accidentally left out and finally removed in the constitutional change of February 2019. On 29 December 2017, the micronation joined the international MicroWiki community, dropping the word "Unofficial" from the name and introducing a new flag. The end date of the Transitional Period is considered to be 8 January 2018, when the first election took place.