National symbols of the Gymnasium State

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The national flag of the Gymnasium State, the most widely recognised national symbol

National symbols of the Gymnasium State are symbols reminiscent of its sovereignty. Some are established officially through the National Symbols Law of the Gymnasium State, adopted on 19 April 2019. Other don't have official status, but are still considered symbols of the nation by its population.

Official symbols

The national emblem of the Gymnasium State is the oldest national symbol of the micronation, adopted originally as the emblem of the Socialist State of Gymnasium. It's described as golden compass and an open book in a golden gear, surrounded by a wreath of roses, thistles and shamrocks. The National Symbols Law attributes a symbol of intelligence to the compass and book, progress to the gear and life to the wreath. Both the official emblem and alternative variants are widely used to represent Gymnasium State.
The national colours of the Gymnasium State were adopted from the flag of Sušice. They are officially described as a bicolour consisting of a white top stripe and light blue bottom stripe and are often used in designs related to the Gymnasium State.
The national flag of the Gymnasium State was created in 2018 and features the national bicolour with the national emblem in canton. Since the adoption, the flag became the most widely recognised symbol of the Gymnasium State as well as the most widely used for representation both internally and abroad.
The presidential standart is the official symbol of the president, the head of state of the Gymnasium State. It was designed in 2018 and consist of a square banner containing the national emblem and the text "President of [the] Gymnasium State" in Czech and English, lined with stripes in the national colours.
The national anthem of the Gymnasium State is the medieval song Gaudeamus igitur. It was chosen in late 2017, as the song is commonly considered to be an anthem of students in general. The Gymnasium State uses two stanzas as the official anthem, with the law allowing either first and ninth stanza to be sung, or first stanza followed by an instrumental version.

Unofficial symbols

Cesta je náš cíl The national motto of the Gymnasium State was officially adopted by a Senate decision as the sixth national symbol, however was left outside of the National Symbols Law, as the Senate did not consider it as significant as the remaining national symbols. The current motto, The journey is our goal, emphasizes that the final end goal of the nation is not as important as what the nation achieves along the way.
The ballot box used for presidential elections became, thanks to its common usage as the elections take place every two months, an unofficial symbol of both the statehood of the Gymnasium State and it's democratic government.
The ID cards, while not mandatory and only owned by a small part of the Gymnazists, are often considered a symbol of the Gymnasium State as well as ones belonging to it.
The building of the Sušice gymnasium is commonly associated with the Gymnasium State, as it is claimed by the micronation as well as an integral place for the Gymnasian history, culture and name. The main entrance to the bulding served as inspiration for the logo of the Senate.
Pizza, despite originating from Italian cuisine and not otherwise commonly associated with the Gymnasian culture, was chosen as the national dish of the Gymnasium State in an unofficial referendum in 2018. To this day pizza remains as one of the most popular dishes among the population, although it has since been rivaled by many other popular dishes.
Kofola, a popular Czech soft drink, was voted as the national drink of the Gymnasium State in an unofficial referendum in 2018. Kofola still remains possibly the most popular non-alcoholic beverage in the Gymnasium State.
Burning ball was voted as the national sport of the Gymnasium State in an unofficial referendum in 2018. It is a variation of softball similar to Welsh baseball, sometimes played during PE lessons at the gymnasium.