Senate of the Gymnasium State

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Senate of the Gymnasium State
Senát Státu Gymnázium
SGY Senate Logo.png
President of Gymnasium StateBranko Stanacev, independent
Premier of Gymnasium StateTomáš Falešník, Social Liberals
since 6 September 2021
SGY Senate (May 2021).svg
Senate political groups     SL: 8
     ORS: 7
     SASSG: 1
     Independent: 10
Meeting place
Sušice-Gympl, Gymnasium State

Senate of the Gymnasium State (Czech: Senát Státu Gymnázium) is the unicameral legislative body of the Gymnasium State. The Constitution stipulates its name as the "Senate" (Czech: Senát). The Senate exercises competences usual in parliamentary systems: it holds and passes bills, has the right to modify the Constitution and ratifies international agreements. It's members are all citizens of the Gymnasium State older than fifteen years.


The first legislative body in Gymnasium State was the Council of Socialist State of Gymnasium (Rada Socialistického státu Gymnázium), which consisted of all citizens of the state, all with equal rights. The Council was also viewed as official head of state. Due to reforms in December 2017 and January 2018 the Council was transformed into the Government of the Gymnasium State (Vláda Státu Gymnázium), being stripped its representative function and passing it to the President. The Prime Minister/Premier position was also created as an official head of government and the new Government introduced ministries, however the original system of the Council was not changed.

The Senate was created by the Second Constitution in February 2019 and it keeps continuity with the both the Council of Socialist State of Gymnasium and the Government of the Gymnasium State. Since the amendment, the Premier is rather considered to be the second official head of state than the head of government. In October 2019, the membership of the Senate was restricted for only citizens older than fifteen years.