2023 Gymnasian coup d'état

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2023 Gymnasian coup d’état
September Coup
Tomáš Falešník announces the National Preservation Government
Date4 September 2023
Caused byInactivity of the micronation
Resulted in
Parties to the civil conflict
Lead figures

2023 Gymnasian coup d'état, also known as the September Coup, was a coup d'état that occurred in the Gymnasium State on 4 September 2023, during the presidential election. The coup, which saw Tomáš Falešník annulling the election and suspension of the Senate of the Gymnasium State, marked the end of the Third Republic and establishment of the National Preservation Government (Vláda národního zachování).


Since 2020, the activity in the Gymnasium State decreased significantly in what is known as the Stagnant Era. As it progressed, the turnout in both elections and Senate votes dropped to the point, where the Senate was practically unable to pass proposals. Since 2022, no proposals were even presented to the Senate in the first place. Tomáš Falešník, one of the key Gymnasian politicians since the declaration of independence, who had outlined “survival” as the main goal of the micronation in his satirical Geopolitical Goals of the Gymnasium State in September 2020, decided to take action and preserve the Gymnasium State’s ability to govern itself and drafted a plan for a coup d'état.


On 2 September, the online form for the September presidential election was opened. The physical ballot box would not be opened for the election as it was expected that not many Gymnazists would be able to meet to vote in person. On 4 September, the announcement of the results was expected. Instead, Falešník, who had access to the election forms, entered Sušice-Gympl wearing an Armed Forces headscarf and on 13:52 GSST (11:52 UTC) proclaimed the National Preservation Government, which was to assume all powers of the President, Premier of the Gymnasium State and the Senate, which was to be suspended. Falešník was not equipped as he did not expect any resistance by the remaining Gymnazists. Tomáš Falešník has already executed a similar coup on 21 August 2021, when he proclaimed himself the Provisional Administrator of the Duck Islands, a former Posafian county.


The coup generated little reaction from amongst the Gymnazists, which is attributed to lacking communication within the Gymnasium State regarding government matters. Outgoing Premier Jan Šťastný tacitly recognised the National Preservation Government in private shortly after the announcement of the coup. More reactions to the event came from other micronations, mostly from within the Czech sector. Most of the officials were caught by surprise by the event, but supported the new government. Rulers of Majeria and Schwarzwald both jokingly stated that a military mission to the Gymnasium State would be considered, but no action was taken.

The coup d'état marked the end of the Third Republic, which existed since 13 February 2019, and the establishment of the Fourth Republic. The National Preservation Government also control of the Gymnasian diplomatic missions to other micronations and micronational organisations such as the Union of Micronations of Central Europe and the Grand Unified Micronational, as they were previously also led by Falešník since his tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Second Republic.

Tomáš Falešník also announced his intention to dissolve the National Preservation Government once the democratic institutions are capable of reassuming the control of the Gymnasium State’s governance, but as of September 2023 no progress was made towards it.