Gymnasian Party of Social Democracy

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Gymnasian Party of Social Democracy
Gymnaziální strana sociálně demokratická
Party LeaderJan Šťastný
Founded25 July 2020
HeadquartersSušice-Gympl, Gymnasium State
Membership (2020)1
1 / 28
Political positionLeft-wing
Colors  Red
Old logo

Gymnaziální Strana Sociálně Demokratická (GSSD; English: Gymnasian Party of Social Democracy) is a left-wing party in the Gymnasium State. It was founded in July 2020 by Jan Šťastný to distuingish it's members from the general left-wing party Social Liberals, however it didn't have access to the Senate until May 2022. It is one of the three smallest parties.



Election Succesful candidates Share of vote Second round Third round Elected
Qualified Share of vote Qualified Share of vote President Premier
No eligible candidates until 4/2022
4/2022 0 0.00% Didn't take place No No