Jan Šťastný

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Jan Šťastný

Jan Šťastný

Ian Bing-den

Jan Šťastný at Sušice summit, 28th September 2019
Minister of Foreign Relations
in office
(1st) 15th June 2019 – 24 October 2020
Prime minister (1st) Radek Jiránek
Predecessor (3rd) Jan Šťastný
Successor (2nd) Štěpán Círek
Prime Minister of Rednecks Republic
in office
(zero) 29th May – 14th June 2019
(3rd) 24th October 2020-present
President (1st) Marie Vacková
(2nd) Petr Bláha
GUM Delegate for Rednecks Republic
Assumed office
September 2020
GUM Chair Newton von Uberquie
MOF Delegate for Rednecks Republic
Assumed office
14th September 2019
UMCE Delegate
In office
10th July 2019 observer, 1st January 2020 full
Chair Naemal Namul-den
Vice-Chair Does not exist
Senator of Mekniy
Assumed office
8th November 2020
Meehk Naemal Namul-den
Governor of Senate Siwil Ara-den
Predecessor Vacant
Personal information
Born 30th May 2007
Prague, Czech Republic
Birth name Jan Šťastný
Citizenship Czech Republic
Rednecks Republic
Gymnasium State
Mekniyan Mekkism
Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg
Nationality Czech, Redneck
Political party Social Democrats (Rednecks Republic)
GSSD (Gymnasium State)
Party of United Left(Klitzibürg)
Social democrats (Mekniy)
Residence Litoměřice
Nickname(s) Little Redneck

Jan Šťastný is a politician, the founder of Rednecks Republic and its Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Relations.


Ribbon Country Honour Date Post-nominal
Vishwamitra Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Crown of Purvanchal 23 March 2021 CTC
Vishwamitra Grand Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Crown of Purvanchal 28 March 2021 GCTC
Vishwamitra Member First Class of the Order of Diplomatic Service Merit 15 April 2021 M1DS
Vishwamitra Recipient of the Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy 8 June 2021