Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg

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Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg

4 May 2019 — present

Flag of KlitzibürgCoat of arms of Klitzibürg

One for all, all for one
(Jeden za všechny, všichni za jednoho)
Heil dir, Klitzibürg
(melody of Heil dir im Siegerkranz)
small territory in Prague
Capital cityBrüm
Largest cityBrüm
Official language(s)Czech
Official religion(s)Secular, Catholism, Saint Atheistic
GovernmentSaint Atheistic Archmokst Absolute Monarchy
- Grand DukeHM Nicholas I., Grand Duke of Klitzibürg, Viscount of Körpenque, Count of Brüm, Mayor of United Provinces, Inspector of Nordstand, Lord of Indürd, Sir of Knight Order of Middle Europe
LegislatureSaint Federal Parliament of Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg - March 2020 - June 2020
Established4 May 2019
Area claimed16,85 km
CurrencyKlitzibürgen Shilling (KŠ)
Time zone(UTC+1)
National sportorienteering
National animalWombat
Patron saintSt. Nicholas

The Grand Duchy of Klitzbürg (Kletzibürk Grosduxei or Kletzibürk) or simply Klitzibürg is a micronation founded by Grand Duke Nicholas I. in 2019. The micronation borders the Czech Republic, the French Republic, the United Kingdom and Venezuela. The Grand Duchy is a federation with elements of a personal union. Klitzibürg is very religious micronation. Klitzibürg became a member of Aenia Confederation in 2020.


The name Klitzibürg comes from an old Saint Atheistic name of Article 65 (about formation of pure Saint Atheistic state), Klitsibür, which stands for Good religion for a good state.


Early history; May 2019 - September 2019

Klitzibürg declared independece in 4 May 2020, but the idea is older. Grand Duke Nicholas I. declared independce in the evening and he started to plan the micronation. After that, the micronation felt to inactivity. But the Grand Duke in 18 June 2019 joined the Microwiki and started to write the article about t´Klitzibürg. After that,Tomáš Falešník invited Nicholas to Czech Microwiki. The Grand Duke came to the Czech community and began to associate in the Czech community, Klitzibürg joined the UMCE and Klitzibürg began accepting treaties with other Czech micronations.

Jorzheer kwortfej

The Jorzheer kwortfej is a substitute for ministries. Jorzheer is in charge of finance, promotion, culture. Jorzheer is an optional post, elected every two months. It was combined, for simplicity.


There is no public transport in Klitzibürg and little communication. The only transport road - the MH1 motorway is located in the province of Ludoch-Doörner, but most provinces can be reached on foot via the Czech Republic. Transportation is provided by Nitroel s.r.o. However, after territorial changes, it is not necessary to cross the Czech Republic. Current highways: MH1, MH2, MH3


Klitzibürg is open to establishing relations with micronations. Klitzibürg is also member of some organisations like UMCE, MOF. Klitzibürg also signed Wrythe Convention.


Klitzibürg uses the saint atheistic archmoct absolute monarchy. The ruler, Grand Duke Nicholas I., has a lot of power.


In Klitzibürg there is the so-called Mokt monarchy, which is something between an absolutist and a constitutional monarchy. Although at the moment it is the absolute Mokt monarch, the Sovereign has great power. Parliament depends on it and so on. The monarch's name is Grand Duke Nicholas I. The political parties were dissoleved, due to inactivity. Now any citizen who wants to be in government can join. The official establishment is Klitzibürg by the Arcimokst Constitutional Monarchy with a unicameral parliament without political parties. Instead of ministers the administration of the state of Jorzheer.

The Royal Standard of Klitzibürg


The government is currently called an aristocratic government. It has four members. It is the only official parliament in Klitzibürg. Anyone who wants to can go to it. There is currently no party system. The government has great power, but the Grand Duke, who is also a member of parliament, can veto or decide any law without parliament. Parlimant was dissolved 28 June 2020 due to inactivity of members.


There is a Grand Duke in Klitzibürg. It has extensive powers, but is partly limited by the constitution. A republic is unlikely in this state. The ruling family is the Göths. The monarch has great power limited by the constitution. It can dissolve the government. Klitzibürg is an archmokst diarchy administered by the Grand Duke and adviser. The adviser has the title of prince and this position usually belongs to the Erganburgins. The monarch owns Brüm Castle, where the monarch lives and decides. It used to be a prison. The Göth Dynasty originated in the 16th century and is one of the most powerful micronational aristocratic families in the Czech Republic.


Nobility in Klitzibürg is complicated. Mostly titles are hereditary. Only Grand Duke and Princes of autonomous principalites can give titles. For this moment are titles only decorative, but they will have a purpose in politics in future. Every citizen is currently a member of nobility, but this will not be the case in the future. Lords sit in Lord House, one of legislative bodies in Klitzibürg.


Klitzibürg is economically underdeveloped. Today it already has several companies, but it is dependent on exports and is completely dependent on the Czech Republic. The economy is currently taking shape. The currency is the Czech Crown and the planned Klitzibürg shilling. Although UMSE will help Klitzibürg a little economically. Klitzibürg's companies include: Nitroel s.r.o (IT and Transport), Klitzibürg Academy of Sciences (Science and Technology), Klitzibürg Space Agency (space observation, meteorology), Klitzibürg Medical Institute


The national sports is orienteering.


Culture in Klitzibürg practically does not exist. However, an exhibition on the history of Klitzibürg and the new PLA is planned. In March 2020, the Youtube channel Klitzibürg was founded and the first amateur video of Klitzibürg was created. The fauna and flora are being documented in the forest. The Grand Duke often recreates around a stream or castle (which, however, is not located in the KLAR area). The technical monuments include the old stairs by the stream. Unfortunately, they are neglected now. And another is the source of the Václavka stream.

The Klitzibürgball


This article is just a rumor.

Through generation to generation, the reputation of today's Grand Duke is told in the family. It was so, in ancient times, the Czech Lands flourished, but the famous King Charles IV. he died, most people would have thought that his son would start immediately, but due to his incompetence, Johaniosius III joined. This origin of the prince and Palatinate was popular in the Czech Republic, but it limited the nobility and they were dissatisfied, so with Václav Iv. devised a plan for war. A few days later came the armies of the nobility, but also the armies of the king. The king defeated them and in the peace treaty they agreed that Wenceslas IV. he will become king, the nobility will not be limited and Johaniosius will create his own country. It was one of the most developed countries and was called Königreich Klitzrüm (Kingdom of Klitzrüm). Unfortunately, after 10 years of its existence, it was annexed by Wenceslas IV. Johaniosius remained living on the borders of Prague (around today's Klitzibürg). He lost the title of prince, but his great-grandson Dehil Jan Göth won the ducal title. After the demolition of the monarchy, he was forgotten. But a descendant of Johaniosius, Nicholas I found out about his origins and founded a descendant of Klitzirüm, today's Klitzibürg. He obtained the title of Grand Duke and happily manages the operation of the state.


Klitzibürg has several names. In any case, the official unabridged one is: The Grand Duchy and the Land of the Klitzibürg Crown, which represents the entire political system in Klitzibürg, but this name is mainly used in diplomacy. Another official name, abbreviated, which is most often used: Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg, is used in general communication, diplomacy and classical calling. Another official abbreviation is: Klitzibürg, which is also used in communication, but not in diplomacy, because then it is not clear what Klitzibürg is a state establishment. But recently, a name that is totally political and the exact Klitzibürg regime was coined out of fun, but beware this name is not official. The first sovereign-free diarchy archdeacon's monarchist state unit under the protection of the Grand Duke and archmishop's adviser in the Kolchaman semi-autocracy. This name would be used very extremely.



In Klitzibürg is pc games very popular. Most popular are Minecraft, Cities: Skylines or Crusader Kings II. National competitions are even planned in this games.

National holidays

Date Holiday Notes
1 January New Year's Day Beginning of new year.
March/April Easter
1 May Labour day
4 May Independence day Celebrates the nation's independence
25 May Birthday of Nicholas I
July 10 Day of Moct Monarchy
23 September Religion Day
16 October March to Czech Republic
6 December Name Day of Nicholas I
24 December Christmas
31 December New Year's Eve


Klitzibürg has small army, under control of Jorzheer department of Army, controled by department of propaganda. Grand Duke has created a new posts.

  • Knight
  • Army Viscount
  • Officer
  • Schikovatel (Klitzibürg version)
  • Army General
  • Shogun (representative title, belongs only to Grand Duke)

Administrative division

Klitzibürg is one of the few Czech micronations of the federation. There is a special system of federations in Klitzibürg. The very name of the Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg is actually ambiguous. First as a whole micronation and secondly as a part of a micronation in Prague. Another territory is the Most Holiest Union of Erganburg and Haakonn, which is administered by Grandprince Jan Šťastný and is located in Lovosice. The last territory is called the Sovereign Territory of Teplice. This area serves only as an association of the most important monuments for KLAR. According to legend, this territory belonged to the Kingdom of Klitzirüm. Therefore, the Grand Duke decided to add this territory back to the Göth family.

Name Flag Territory Town Foundation Owner/Viscount Citizens
Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg
Province of Körpenque 3,5 m² Brüm 2019 Nicholas I.,Grand Duke of Klitzibürg, prince of Haakonn, Viscount of Körpenque, Count of Brüm, Mayor of United Provinces, Inspector of Nordstand, Lord of Indürd 1
Bordering province 4.5 m² Breitzickburg 2020 Nicholas I.,Grand Duke of Klitzibürg, Viscount of Körpenque, Count of Brüm, Mayor of United Provinces, Inspector of Nordstand, Lord of Indürd/Antonie Göth, Viscountess of Herdicht, Duchess of Klitzibürg 1
Northern Klitzibürg 3 m² Indürd 2020 Nela I.,Viscountess of Nordstand, Countess of Indürd, Baroness of Brüm, Vice-Inspector of United Provincies 1
Territory of Dörner - Ludoch 2 m² --- 2020 Nicholas I.,Grand Duke of Klitzibürg, Viscount of Körpenque, Count of Brüm, Mayor of United Provinces, Inspector of Nordstand, Lord of Indürd, Lord of Dörner/There is no need for a viscount in this area. 0
Indürd highlands 5 m² Indürd 2020 Nicholas I.,Grand Duke of Klitzibürg, Viscount of Körpenque, Count of Brüm, Mayor of United Provinces, Inspector of Nordstand, Lord of Indürd

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