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Nickname(s): Paris of Middle
Motto: Deus Vult!
Country Flag of Klitzibürg.png
Founded 4 May 2019
 - Representative HGDM Grand Duke Nicholas I.
 - Count HGDM Grand Duke Nicholas I.
 - Landed Noble HVH Antonie Göth
 - Police Inspector HGDM Grand Duke Nicholas I.
 - Total 2.7e-4 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 2
Demonym Brümentian
Time zone (UTC+1)

Brüm is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg, founded in 4 May 2019 by the Grand Duke Nicholas I. The territory is in the south part of Prague, concretly is located in Prague 11


The city is divided into two adminstrative buildings: Klitzibürg Main Administrative building (radio, treasury, government, office of Grand Duke, stock and more), Klitzibürg Money Office (Bank, Exchange, Border Crossing) and two apartments, warehouses, libraries, prison, armory, Lego museum and game house.


The city of Brüm was find in 4 May 2019 by Grand Duke Nicholas I.. He started do many thinks with city and the city was finally finished to be capital of Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg.


There are only two ways to get into Brüm: by elevator or stairs. And the way to get to elevator is by metro to station Chodov by metro C or a buses: 177, 203, 911, 326, on the station Petýrkova.