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Flag of Brüm
Official seal of Brüm
EstablishedMay 2019
 • TypeCity
 • Máérqués of BrümNicholas I.
 • Ceremonial Count of BrümNicholas I.
 (January 2024)
 • Total3
Time zoneUTC+1:00 (UTC)

Brüm is one of the capital cities of the Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg, founded on 4 May 2019 by the Grand Duke Nicholas I. The territory is located in the southern part of Prague, in the Imperial Metropolitan province of the capital city of Brüm and the city of Breitzickburg. The Imperial Court is located here. Brüm is considered to be the cultural and historical capital of Klitzibürg.


The city is divided into two adminstrative buildings: Klitzibürg Main Administrative building (radio, treasury, government, office of Grand Duke, stock and more), Klitzibürg Money Office (Bank, Exchange, Border Crossing) and two apartments, warehouses, libraries, prison, armory, Lego museum and game house.


Brüm is the first town that was founded in Klitzibürg. Even the name, "Brüm", is older than the existence of Klitzibürg itself and its origins can be found in the geofictional history of Klitzibürg, then still an island near Ireland. Previously this city was the only capital, until the parliament and government were moved to the newly formed town, Breitzickburg.

The Treaty of Brüm between Klitzibürg and Gymnasium State is named after this city


The city is administred by the elected máérqués, the title of máérqués of Brüm is currently being held by Nicholas I.