Counts and Landgraves in Klitzibürg

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Count and landgrave, or also graf, gróf, landkrabě, lanckrabě, lancgróf and lancgráf (Bohuyis: graef und landtgraef) are titles of a member of the high nobility in Klitzibürg. They are part of the so-called graf group, which comes from the same basis of these two titles in Bohuyis. Counts and landgraves in Klitzibürg are addressed as Serene Highness (Durklaüht) or also as Illustrious Highness (Sonnelaücht). The title of Landgrave belongs to the administrator of the territory within Klitzibürg and is directly subject to the Grand Duke, while count belongs to the administrator of the territory outside the main Klitzibürg and is subject to Dukes, princes and regents. But with this exception, the titles are almost identical.

Another exception is the title of ceremonial count in Brüm, which is technically part of the main territory, the reason why this is the case is historical, from the time of the still original centralized Klitzibürg, by today's law it should properly be ceremonial Landgrave in Brüm.


The Count and the Landgrave administer the territory, have the right to their own seat, of course they have to establish a dynasty, hold a coat of arms, a motto, and the Grand Duke can grant them their own territory, but this is not an obligation.

Belgian heraldic crown of the Counts and Langraves of Klitzibürg, the Counts and Langraves of Klitzibürg have the right to use it on their coat of arms

List of Counts and Landgraves

genus name Photo Approved by Grand Duke of Klitzibürg Appointed
Ceremonial Count/Landgrave of Brüm von Göth und Kunratitz Nicholas I. 2021 2021
Landgrave in the Autonomous Landgraviate of Schwëner (Landgrave on the Schwëner) Majers Daniel Majer 2024 2024