Saint Atheism

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Saint Atheism
Logo of the Church of Saint Atheism Klitzibürg in Bohuyis
TypeSaint Atheistic
ScriptureThe Sacred Book
TheologySaint Atheistic theology
TsarNicholas I.
LanguageBohuyis, Noble Bohuyis, Czech, Dutch
  • Archbishops: 1,
  • Aëtrajns: 0
  • Kneizes: 0
  • Principännens: 0
Other name(s)Keueark Holichantheisem am Kletzibürg
Církev Svatoatheistická

Saint Atheism is the official religion of Klitzibürg.


Kolachaman (or also Kolachamán) was the official religion of Klitziburg in 2019. Kolachaman was supposed to have originated with the writing of the Kobible, which occurred on September 23, 2018. Religious Day was celebrated in Klitziburg on that day. Kolachaman banned horse meat, the color pink, Apple, belief in any religion other than Roman Catholic, and iron tables. Prayers were mandatory on Tuesday. However, Nicholas I. later converted to Saint Atheism and denounced the kolachaman as nonsense.


Religion is based on a belief in Nothing. The mighty nothing created everything and the Earth. That's the greatness of it. Nothing created everything.

Hierarchy and history

The current Tsar of all Atheists is the head of Klitziburg, Nicholas I. The Saint Atheists believe that the Tsar of all Atheists is the embodiment of Nothing on Earth. It is because of this that a few misinterpretations have arisen. Theoretically, there is no limit to who can become the Tsar, and once a parrot mistakenly became the Tsar by misspelling a random word and accidentally hitting the Sacred Word. Unfortunately, this parrot belongs to the Archbishop of the Southlands and under his Holy Duty he had to report it. This parrot, called Ferda, or Ferdinand Ferentius Piovex van der Montefeadder, became Tsar for 11 long years.

Recognition and representation

The religion is officially recognized only in Klitziburg, where it is the main state religion. There is also a diaspora in the Rednecks Republic and Mekniy-Lurk, Mendersia, Gymnasium State and many others. The Tsar of all Atheists is chosen in only one way. The Supreme Council of Archbishops holds the Sacred Book. where a prayer is written that has never been heard in its entirety because it takes up the entire book, which is over 1000 pages long. According to tradition, after the death of the former Tsar, the Chosen One will have Nothing appear to him in a dream and reveal the next word in the Prayer. The Chosen One will appear before the Council of Archbishops. If the word actually fits and it is the next word that has not yet been used in the Prayer, the Chosen One becomes a Tsar. The word itself becomes his nickname. The current Tsar has a nickname: The Grand Duchy. Or, in the Noble Bohuyis language, Corwenedd. According to official belief, you can't depose a Tsar because then Nothing would appear in the dream. Therefore, a common way to get rid of an inconvenient Tsar is simply murder.

Teachings and the Ten Commandments

The whole religion is shrouded in many customs and superstitions. Due to the 16th century washout, Saint Atheism acquired various customs from the Catholic Church. These include adaptations of the 10 commandments, but some of the commandments did not appeal to the people of the time, so they are replaced with the original commandments.

  • Thou shalt not steal
  • Thou shalt not kill
  • Thou shalt believe in Nothing
  • Thou shalt not bribe
  • Thou shalt not commit adultery
  • Sell your neighbor, but only three times in your lifetime.
  • You'll never use the iron table in your miserable life
  • Use Saint Tuesday only for prayer and meditation
  • Thou shalt not bear
  • Let thy neighbor's wife and goods alone.


The top leader is the Tsar of all Atheists and below him are:

  • Archbishop
  • Aëhtrajn
  • Kniaz
  • Principänenn