Rytters in Klitzibürg

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Rytter' (Bohuyis: rytter) is a title of a member of the lower nobility in Klitzibürg. Rytters are addresed as sire (Härr). This title is the only one that is not acquired by a decision of the monarch, but by knighting. The Grand Ducal sword is used for the bestowal, which is primarily used for this occasions.

Origin and etymology

Rytter is simply the Klitzibürg equivalent of knight, with the designation coming directly from the German designation for a knight, namely Ritter, only changed to y.


Knights are usually mainly involved in battles, have the right to their own seat, of course, establishing a dynasty, holding a coat of arms, a motto, and the Grand Duke can grant them their own territory, but this rarely happens. They usually form groups, for example the Green Falcons are very well known among the Klitzibürgans.


Knighting takes place to the sound of the Saint Atheist Choir, the person who will be knighted kneels on the ground and stares intently at the ground, where we all came from and where we will also go. The Grand Duke will violently tap him on the shoulders while the person who is being knighted recites the oath. After the oath is said, the person who is being knighted stands up and shouts to the heavens for the great Nothing to hear it.

The condition is that the person who is being knighted must be a Saint Atheist and must not be from Brno or Gelsenkirchen.

List of Knights

rod name Photo Approved by Grand Duke of Klitziburg Appointed
Rytter of the Green Falcons von Göth und Kunratitz Nicholas I 2023 2023