Autonomous Landgraviate of Schwëner

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Autonomous Landgraviate of Schwëner
Eatonomica landtgraefen van Schwëner (Bohuyis)
Flag of Autonomous Landgraviate of Schwëner
Coat of arms of Autonomous Landgraviate of Schwëner
Coat of arms
Official languagesCzech • Bohuyis • English
Governmentabsolute monarchy
Nicholas I.
Daniel Majer
• 2024 census
Time zoneUTC+01:00
This is a Special Exception under the Klitzibürgian Crown administration

The Autonomous Landgraviate of Schwëner, also known as the Lake Schwëner, is a Special Exception in the Klitzibürgian Crown. It was founded in the year of 2023, it wasn't until 22 January 2024, where the Landgraviate started taking shape. It is governed by Landgrave Daniel Majer, who answers directly to the Grand Duke.

Schwëner was founded on 12 June 2023 on the terms of the peace treaty between the Grand Duke Nicholas I. and King Daniel Majer, back then Schwëner was still known as a Autonomous Viscounty of Schwëner. The lake Labuť/Schwëner is a notable part of this Landgraviate, other parts are the surroundings of this lake and technically the Demilitarised Zone of Thomayer Hospital, although the Zone was never straight up incorporated into Klitzibürg.

Schwëner has a high degree of autonomy, they can issue their own symbols, have their own defence forces or even use their own official languge.


Majer Dynasty has placed an claim on the lake of Schwëner in the past many times, first this occured after the foundation of Novotroit. Daniel Majer consideres the lake Schwëner and the Demilitiresed Zone of Thomayer Hospital as a cultural, historical and a religiously important place for the Majer nation, , but especially the Novotriot nation, which right for self-determination Majer Dynasty acknowledges and respects.

After the Mendersian crises, known also as the Göth Case, during October 2022, Majer Dynasty argued that Klitzibürg has no capacity on protection of Schwëner and the Thomayer Zone. Because of this, the Royal Army began the Special Military Operation Schwëner, in which the Free State of Novotroit was proclaimed in the territory around the Schwëner. It existed for only one day, after which a civil war was unleashed in Majer Dynasty and the Royal Army could no longer support the SNS.

On the 10 of June 2023, Klitzibürg declared war on Mendersia, in which was Majer Dynasty dragged into because of the treaties of cooperation between Majer Dynasty and Mendersia. The Royal Army took the oppurtinity to launch a Special Peace Operation and on the occupied Klitzibürgian territory he declared the Protectorate of Klitziburg and the Autonomous Territory of Schwëner/Labuť. The next day, Grand Duke had decided to drop the military actions, admitted his defeat and signed the peace treaty, under which the Autonomous Territory of Schwëner was incorporated as a province into the Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg.

The Legal Existency of the Landgraviate

According to a decree issued on 11 June 2023 by King Daniel Majer, the Autonomous Territory of Schwëner was created. The territory according to the decree includes the lake Schwënerand the immediate surroundings + the Demilitarized Zone of Thomayer Hospital. According to this decree, he Autonomous Territory of Schwëner has the following rights:

- the right to self-determination and the determination of its leadership

- the right national and cultural self-determination

- the right to use its own symbols

- the right to have its own defence forces

- the right to use its own official languages

The peace treaty, which was signed on the same day, contains the following points:

- King Daniel Majer gets the citizenship in Klitzibürg

- Autonomous Territory of Schwëner will become a province in the Klitzibürgian Crown

- Grand Duke will guarantee the equality of the Novotroit minority

The Grand Duke agreed with the points, the flag was presented and the political establishment changed to viscounty, then to landgraviate. At the end of June Daniel Majer did his first patrol on the Landgraviate lands as a official administrator of Schwëner. Klitzibürg, however, fell into deep inactivity and it wasn't until the January of 2024 when the Grand Duke began to really take interest in Schwëner.

On the basis of the above-mentioned facts, it can be concluded that the Autonomous Landgraviate of Schwëner has essentially unlimited self-government within Klitzibürg. Since there is essentially no written legal system in the Grand Duchy, these facts cannot be verified in any other way than through the aforementioned decrees. Theoretically, the Swan has a high degree of autonomy; practically, the Grand Duke still has supreme power.