Erganburg and Haakonn

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The Holiest Union of Erganburg and Haakonn
Nejsvatější Unie Erganburgu a Haakonnu (Czech)
Flag of Erganburg and Haakonn
Motto: Castra Ergana caput carbo
LocationLitoměřice, Czechia
Official languagesCzech, German, Bohuyis
Recognised regional languagesNorse
Saint Atheism
• Prince of Erganburg
Jan Šťastný
• Regent-for-life of Haakonn
Nicholas I.
• Census
2 de facto, 0 de jure
CurrencyKlitzibürg Schilling
absolute diarchy de iure
absolute monarchy de facto
Erganburg and Haakonn is the part of the Ërtliczkajt division system, specifically the Gaeczedt Flügejl

The Holiest Union of Erganburg and Haakonn is the union of two entities and is also one of the two states in terms of the Klitzibürgian Crown, the other one being the main state of Klitzibürg in Prague.

The two entities that are making up this Union are: Principality of Erganburg, located in Litoměřice, being one of the oldest administrative division in the state of Klitzibürg and the other one being Kingdom of Haakonn, having no asigned territory, they are purily teoretical.


Erganburg and Haakonn is technically an absolute diarchy, having two heads of state, but in reality, the regent-for-life has the final say, so it is more of an monarchy. Erganburg and Haakonn uses the system of Schëndtearistokratzie (This system is basically the variation of federal absolute monarchy specifically fit for the Klitzibürgian needs.), also known as the Governing Aristocracy. The two heads have absolute power, as there is no government.

Administrative division

The only type of administrative division in Erganburg and Haakonn apart from themselves, is the paarschaft city of Erganburg, which also serves as the states capital city and center of culture and history.