Máérquéses in Klitzibürg

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Máérqués, or also merkéz (Bohuyis: mäërgraef) is a title of a member of the middle nobility in Klitzibürg. Máérquéses in Klitzibürg are addressed as Illustrious Highness (Sonnelaücht). This title belongs to the administrators of the maerkas, mostly of the border part of the provinces or other administrative units, their main power and duty is to defend the border, for which they are served by a special Border Guard, which unfortunately has no members. These maerks include, for example, the city of Brüm, where the unelected Máérqués fulfills the role of Konschjel.

Origin and etymology

This title is a fusion of marquis and margrave, etymologically it is closer to marquis, pronounced almost identically, but in powers and duties it is closer to margrave. But this does not apply to bohuyis, as the bohuyis term mäërgraef is definitely closer to margrave, but despite this it is not part of the so-called graf group and does not belong to the upper nobility, but only to the middle nobility.


The Máérqués administers the borders and the Maerkas, they have the right to their own seat, of course they can establish a dynasty, hold a coat of arms, a motto, and the Grand Duke can grant them their own territory, but this is not an obligation.

List of maérqués

House Name Photo Approved by Grand Duke of Klitzibürg Appointed
Máérqués in Brüm von Göth und Kunratitz Nicholas I 2023 2023