Monarchy of Klitzibürg

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Grand Duke of Klitzibürg
Velkovévoda Klitzibürgu
Nicholas I.
since 4 May 2019

Style His Highness
Heir presumptive none
First monarch Nicholas I.
Formation 4 May 2019

Monarchy of Klitzibürg, also known as Klitzibürgian monarchy and The Imperial Court is the absolute monarchy of the Grand Duchy and Lands of the Klitzibürgian Crown. The current monarch is Grand Duke Nicholas I. who ascended the throne in 2019.

The Grand Duke holds nearly all power in Klitzibürg from an government standpoint, but also from the religious standpoint, as the Grand Duke of Klitzibürg is also the Holiest Tsar of Saint Atheism and of All his Adherents and directly influences the course of the Saint Atheism religion and its church.

As there is no parliament or even constitution to limit him, he can do practically anything. He issues his decisions by Imperial Decrees or just by declaring it. He is also serving as the head of the Klitzibürgian military, where he holds the title of the Shogun of Klitzibürg. The Grand Duke is also entitled to the titles of Duke of Teplice and Regent of Haakonn, which are directly tied to the title of the Grand Duke.

As Klitzibürg is federal monarchy, he also holds power over the other minor monarchs in the Kllitzibürgan Crown, those being the Prince of Erganburg, the Regent of Haakonn and technically the Landgrave of Schwëner, all those submit directly to him and his authority.


  • The power to appoint Imperial Chancellor
  • The power to issue Imperial Decrees
  • The power to declare wars
  • The power to dismiss government (government is currently dissmised)
  • The power to hold the title of Imperial Highness
  • The power to hold the title of Regent of Haakonn and Duke of Teplice
  • The power to establish diplomatic relations
  • The power to appoint new nobles and establish new aristocratic families


The title of Grand Duke is passed down on the firstborn child of the current Grand Duke. If there is no child heir, the title is passed on the closest living relative of the current Grand Duke. However, Nicholas I. is planning to pass his title down to a close monarch friends of his, like the Archduke of Schwarzwald or King of the Majer Dynasty, instead of passing the title upon the closest living relative.

List of Grand Dukes

Name Portrait Arms Birth Marriages Death House
Nicholas I.
Mikuláš Göth
4 May 2019

(5 years, 70 days)
25 May 2006
None Living
Age: 18 years, 49 days


Nicholas I. of KlitzibürgHouse of Göth


The monarch is official addresed as His Imperial Highness, although His Highness is more prevelant. The monarch can also be addressed by his title, that being The Grand Duke, exceptions being the Supreme Territory of Teplice, where he is addresed as the Duke and the Kingdom of Haakonn, where he is addresed as the Regent and the final exception being his involvement in the Saint Atheistic Church, where he is addresed as the Tsar. The list of all titles of the current Grand Duke, Nicholas I:

His Imperial Highness, Nicholas Erichiel Heinrich Joseph Ferdinand Hans Wilhelm Franz Maria Aethral Drufeórd Ykaxavirr Krüchz the First von Göth und Kunratitz, by the grace of Nothing, the Grand Duke of Klitzibürg, baptized in the name of Nothing, Regent-for-life of Haakonn, founder of Klitzibürg and the Colonial Empire, priënz of the Colonial Companies, wreathed Viscount in the Klitzibürg provinces, Duke in Žižkov, Duke in Teplice, The Holiest Tsar of Saint Atheism and All of his Adherents, shogun of Klitzibürg army, rytter of the Green Falcons, lord in the Indürd Highlands, ceremonial Count of Brüm, Meehk of Meshil, Hovernor of Ilbun, Máérqués in Brüm and the Highest Konschjel in Breitzickburg, archbishop of the Indürdian atheistic archdiocese, Holy pretendor to the throne of the Klitzirüm Kingdom, the Sun of our days, accompanied by the gift of Enlightenment, may his reign be longer than long.

The official title used in introducement and in official legislature:

His Imperial Highness, Nicholas, called Erichiel and Ykaxavirr, first of his name, dynasty of Göth und Kunratitz, Grand Duke of Klitzibürg, Regent-for-life of Haakonn and The Holiest Tsar of Saint Atheism and All of his Adherents. May his reign be longer than long.