Supreme Territory of Teplice

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Supreme Territory of Teplice
Výsostné území Teplické (Czech)
The official flag of the Supreme Terriotry of Teplice
Motto: Vejtoedd aerh menhpp
(Noble Bohuyis: "The bells rang again")
Map of the Supreme Territory of Teplice
Map of the Supreme Territory of Teplice
Official languagesCzech • Bohuyis • English
Governmentabsolute monarchy
• Duke
Nicholas I.
• Census
Time zoneUTC+01:00
This is a Supreme Territory under the Klitzibürgian Crown administration

The Supreme Territory of Teplice, (Bohuyis: Mäjestaaten landtes Tëpelitzen) is a small territory in Teplice, Czech Republic which belongs to the Klitzibürgian Crown. It was founded by the Grand Duke in 2020, shortly after his visit to Teplice. This territory was never intended to serve as a state or territory with citizens, only as a symbolic claim.

On 20 August 2022, he changed the territorial claim and moved it to a small island in the middle of the Castle Gardens, near Castle Teplice. This location was chosen because the Grand Duke wanted this territory to be completely uninhabited by native Teplice citizens. This decision was announced through the XIVth Imperial Decree.