Roayalist Party of Klitzibürg

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The Royalist Party of Klitzibürg (or RPK) is a monarchist, conservative and right-wing political party in Klitzibürg. It has 3 members.

Royalist Party of Klitzibürg
Roajalistická strana Klitzibürgská
ChairmanJacob, duke of Klitzibürg
Deputy ChairmanDaniel Henry
Slogannone official
Anthemnone official
Founded4th November 2020
HeadquartersNordstand, Klitzibürg
Membership  (2020)3
Political positioncentre-right, right-wing
Official colors     blue
Seats in Chamber of Representants
3 / 7
Self-governing teritories
1 / 2
2 / 6