Advisor of Klitzibürg

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(Spëyerhärr) of Klitzibürg
Jan Šťastný

since 10 July 2019
StyleDistinguished Advisor
Term lengthfor life
Inaugural holderposition created
Formation10 July 2019

Advisor (Czech: Poradce) is the historical second highest position in Klitzibürg. The duty of the Advisor is to assist the Grand Duke with the government of Klitzibürg and to represent the Grand Duke in his absence. He also has the right to propose laws. The position of advisor is assigned to the Erganburgian princes, and has been held by Jan Šťastný since the position was created. Since the creation of the position of Imperial Chancellor, the advisor has had a rather symbolic role.

List of advisors

Well. Photo Name Joined Left Party
1. Jan Šťastný July 10th 2019 In post United Left Party