The Republic (Klitzibürg)

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The Republic
Republika (Czech)
Flag of The Republic (Klitzibürg)
Motto: Equality to all, apart from the slaves
(Rovnost všem, kromě otroků)
Anthem: The Internationale
and largest city
Room 18
Official languagesCzech, Austrian German
GovernmentArbeiterdespotismus (also known as the Worker's Despotism)
• Worker of the Eastern part of the Room
Nicholas I.
• Worker of the Western part of the Room
• Census
Time zone(UTC+1)
Preceded by

The Republic (German: Republik) was a micronational-type entity that existed for a few days when the current Grand Duke of Klitziburg was on a ski course in Achenkirch, Austria. Nicholas I. takes it as an indirect predecessor of Klitzibürg, due to the fact that this formation gave him the idea to create Klitzibürg in the first place.


Nicholas I. created a short-lived Communist Utopia on his first day on a ski course with people in his room, where everyone was in part of the government and ruled (except for one slave). There was a closet/gulag reserved for the slave, which was later converted into a prefab house due to lack of space. The borders of the state were established and it was forbidden to leave the state without permission. The worker Michal then suggested that all sweets be thrown on the workers' pile so that everyone could choose according to taste and not be restricted by ownership. Worker Nicholas refused and did not deliver his sweets. Red curtains were chosen as the national symbol to represent the revolution against the elitist Austrian Republic.