River Brothenx

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Brothenx river
Meanders of the Brothenx river in the Imperial Woods
OriginHrnčíře, Prague
Basin countriesCzech Republic and Klitzibürg
Basin area31,6 km²

Brothenx is the largest and longest river flowing through Klitzibürg. It creates the unique atmosphere of the local forest and provides moisture for the Klitzibürg flora. Not far from the castle hill, the Wenceslaus Creek, or Václavka, flows into the Brothenx, which rises near the border with the Czech Republic, and in its basin there is a unique fountain with a possible future listing as a National Monument.

The entire length of the Brothenx river

Description of the stream

The river origins outside the state of Klitzibürg, near the village district of Hrnčíře, Prague, and enters Klitzibürg through Dolnomlýnský rybník, (also known as (Kaëzerischewasrpul/Imperial Lake), there it passes the important rock formation of the Dešťovka, (also known as (Gelbersstein) and also the last mill still standing, Dolejší mlýn, also known as (Kaëzerischesmüll/Říšský mlýn) of the six mills that used to stand by the Brothenx river. It then winds its way through the Province of the County of Indürd, then passes New Castle near Kunratice, the restaurant at Wenceslas IV. and the restaurant at Zelená louka, and still continues through the aforementioned province until it reaches the vicinity of Thomayer Hospital and there passes into the province of Nordethasen and Brotheasen, where it stays for the entire length of Thomayer Hospital and leaves this province just before the Schwëner Lake, where it enters the province of Great Körpenque/Autonomous Landgraviate of Schwëner, and here it flows into the aforementioned pond. It then passes the pillar of the old railway bridge, flows under Vienna Street and leaves Klitzibürg here. It then flows through Krč and Braník until it finally flows into the Vltava.