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Czech MicroWiki is the edition of MicroWiki in the Czech language. Established on 7 October 2012, it used to be the only other official language edition of MicroWiki until 2022, and currently has over 1,500 articles. It is used by the Czech sector. As of April 2021, Czech MicroWiki is the fifth largest micronational wiki by article count with 1,525 articles, behind the Principality of the Northern Forests Wiki with 1,547 articles, Russian-language MicroWiki with 1,764 articles and English-language MicroWiki with 39,864 articles. While it is commonly called the Czech MicroWiki, it also has a number of articles in Slovak language.

Czech MicroWiki, also known as Mikronárody Wiki (Czech for Micronations Wiki) was created by Karl Friedrich on Wikia on 7 October 2012, shortly after the creation of MicroWikia as a edition of it available for Czech micronationalists. Czech MicroWiki used the Wikia site domain until August 2016, when it instead became the first local language variant of MicroWiki. The original wikia site was abandoned, but a large portion of its content wasn't transferred on the new domain until 2021–2022. On, the number of articles expanded from 500 to over 1700, passing 1000 articles in early 2020, although this number later dropped as many short articles are often merged or deleted. Friedrich became a co-owner of MicroWiki on 14 February 2022.

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