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UnMicroWiki logo
UnMicroWiki logo
Type of site
Available inEnglish
Founded27 January 2011
Dissolved20 October 2013
Current statusDefunct

UnMicroWiki was a satirical online encyclopedia which serves as the parody of MicroWiki, which is compared to Uncyclopedia being a website that is a parody of Wikipedia. Unlike Uncyclopedia, UnMicroWiki was part of the MicroWiki project while Uncyclopedia is an unofficial parody of Wikipedia. UnMicroWiki was founded on 27 January 2011 and was a subdomain of MicroWiki at un.microwiki.org.uk. At its peak it had over 50 articles, most of which discussed micronations or people. The site was closed down on 20 October 2013 to free up MicroWiki server resources.


(As of September 2011)

  • Articles: 34
  • Picture Files: 25 (11 unused)
  • Longest Page: Ultamiya (31,793 bytes as of 6 May 2011)
  • Second-longest Page: The Elmian Republic (30,441 bytes)
  • Longest Page on a Person: Will Sorgel (2,971 bytes)
  • Shortest Page: Bradley of Dullahan (26 bytes)
  • Second-shortest Page: The Federated Republics of B2 (85 bytes)

Notable Articles

Microworld War

An example of image on UnMicroWiki, specifically on the Aldrich Lucas article to represent him.

Microworld War was probably the most famous article on UnMicroWiki, and for good reason, having two different topics devoted to it posted on the MicroWiki forum. It followed a seemingly sectional conflict between English (the "Northern Alliance") and Oceanian (Southern Alliance) micronations. It began when the USLSSR attempted to capture Aldrich Lucas by sending their foreign legion into Yabloko. Nations like Senya and A1 entered the conflict with nuclear weapons, and eventually the entire world is put into jeopardy multiple times before finally being destroyed by the Southern Alliance in celebration, though they did not know the consequences of celebrating in the way they did.


Ultamiya was the longest page and the page with the most revisions on UnMicroWiki, even when being the second youngest. Saint Katherine, the fictional patron saint of the Ultamian Republic, was the narrator. The reader was supposed to feel like they have just woken up in Heaven, coincidentally inside the "Divine Holy Empire" which Ultamiya has become. She described in much detail the people, military, and places inside the claimed territory of the Empire. She mentioned President David many times, now the Emperor due to being killed by Richland forces just hours before the Southern Alliance causes the Apocalypse. According to Katherine, micronational warfare in Heaven was conducted "18th century-style" and that the ending to the Microworld War was different than that article actually portrays.

Alexander Boobhardt

Alexander Boobhardt, formerly Alexander Reinhardt, was the seventh oldest page on the wiki satirizing the St. Charlian politician of the same name. It emphasized his power as admin as well as his use of the word "Ach" and his love of medals. It was also the only place on the MicroWiki community that contained the original Supreme Dictator picture.

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