Grand Duke

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The title grand duke or great duke is used in Western Europe and particularly in Germanic countries for provincial sovereigns. Grand duke ranks in order of precedence below a king but higher than a sovereign duke. Grand duke is also the usual and established translation of grand prince in languages which do not differentiate between princes who are children of a monarch (e.g. German Prinz) and ruling princes (e.g. German Fürst). English and French also use grand duke in this way. The title grand duke as translation of grand prince and the proper title grand duke have clearly different meanings and a separate background. Compare with the article grand prince. The territory of a grand duke is referred to as a grand duchy.

The feminine form of grand duke is grand duchess. The only macronation to have a Grand Duke is Luxembourg whereas there are plenty of Grand Duchies in the micronation sphere such as The Grand Duchy of Schéinhafen.