Peter Simon Malček-Ohřevský

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His Archducal Highness
Peter Simon Malček-Ohřevský

Peter Simon Malček-Ohřevský
Portrait of his Archducal Highness
Great coat of arms of Egeria.png
Assumed office
27th of April 2021
Archduke Peter Simon Malček-Ohřevský
Prime Minister
Chief Marshal
Predecessor Throne established
Great coat of arms of Egeria.png
Commander of Egeria
Assumed office
27th of April 2021
Commander Peter Simon Malček-Ohřevský
Personal information
Born November 6, 2002 (2002-11-06) (age 20)
Slovakia, BR
Nationality Egerian
House House of Malček-Ohřevský
Residence Castle Loket, Carlsbad
Occupation Monarch
Religion Christian
Coat of arms
Coat of Arms of Malček-Ohřevský.png
Military service
Allegiance  Archduchy of Egeria
Rank Army general AOA 1.png Commander of armed forces
Awards Řád rudé orlice kříž.png Archducal Order of the Red Eagle

Peter Simon Malček-Ohřevský (born 6 November 2002) is founder of the Egeria Archduchy and House of Malček-Ohřevský. Current sovereign Archduke and head of Archduchy of Egeria after reforming republic of Ohřevsko onto monarchy regarding presidential crisis in Ohřevsko. The first idea to declare indepence came from need to act before corruption in Czech republic become too much powerful thus Ohřevsko/Egeria was created on 27 April 2021. He was elected as frist president-founder of Ohřevsko republic, but after few weeks lost powers due to National assembly that wanted to create a new regime. National assembly failed its attemps and was forced to face civil unrest. On 31 May National assembly resgined and president-founder found support among the people once more, but this time citizens wanted guarantee that president won't be stripped from his powers again so they pushed through a reform to monarchy. On 6 June new Constitution was signed that approved of new status of Peter Simon Malček-Ohřevský as sovereign Archduke.


National honours

Ribbon Honour Date
Ribbon RE collar.png Sovereign of the Archducal Order of the Red Eagle 1 August 2021

Foreign honours

Ribbon Country Honour Date Post-nominals
Order of Diplomatic Service Merit - Ribbon (First Class).svg
Vishwamitra Member First Class of the Order of Diplomatic Service Merit 1 August 2021 M1DS