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Krlesian federative republic
Krležská federativní republika (Czech)
Flag of Krlesia
Coat of arms of Krlesia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Krlež! Krlež! Krlež!"
Anthem: Uz Maršala Tita
LocationCzech republic
Other languagesEnglish
Secular State
GovernmentSemi-presidental republic
• President
Jan Šťastný
• Prime Minister
Martin Brožek
• Marshal of the Krlesian army
Jan Šťastný and Martin Brožek
• Ministry of economy, central planning, agriculture and social affairs
Martin Brožek
LegislatureNational Assembly
National Assembly
• Foundation of Rednecks Republic
May 29, 2019
• Foundation of first Krlesian republic
February 6, 2020
• Revolution in Chebzov Krlesia and foundation of Chebzov Krlesia
June 27, 2020
• Foundation of Aenia
July 7, 2020
• Foundation of Krlesian people's federation
April 1, 2021
• New Rednecks republic
June 30, 2021
• Foundation of Krlesian federative republic
December 10, 2021
• Total
10 km2 (3.9 sq mi)
• Census
circa 20
Time zoneUTC+1
This micronation is full member of GUM and UMCE .

Krlesia or Krlesian federative republic is a micronation located in Czechia. Modern day Krlesia has been formed in 10. December 2021 by merge of Rednecks Republic and Krlesian people's federation. Krlesia is democratic, semi-presidental republic. Head of state is president but the main lawgiving power is national assembly of Krlesia.


Krlesia has its territory in Ústí nad Labem region, Praha region, Moravia-Silesian region, Olomouc region and South Bohemian region. It has also not specified colonies.

Federal districts

List of federal districts
Name of federal district Number of citizens Chairman Region in Czech republic
Vidlákov 6 Jan Šťastný Ústí nad Labem region
Chebzov 3 Martin Brožek Moravian-Silesian region
Lidoscán 1 František Koblanský Praha region
Šulcvaldov 2 Jiří Šulc Olomouc region
Charvátov 1 Tadeáš Charvát Olomouc region
Dvořákov 2 Michal Dvořák Vysočina region
Nová Třešňová 3 Jiří Šulc South Bohemia region
Hronek 3 Jan Pantálek Zlín region
Svobodné Území Toužimské Komuny 2 Lev Čechov Karlovy Vary region


Main articles: History of Krlesia, History of Rednecks Republic

First micronation on land of Krlesia was Rednecks republic, which was founded at 29. May 2019 as school project. The provisional prime minister and lately minister of foreign affairs Jan Šťastný has joined MicroWiki in June 2019. Martin Brožek joined the MicroWiki community in July 2019. The idea of united Krlesia and Rednecks republic was brought shortly after Micro-Mendersian war, because two of main micronations in micropact were Krlesia and Rednecks republic. However after foundation of Aeniam, the idea was forgotten and remained until september 2021. Some agreements were done and finally on December 10. 2021 the merge was finished. First election were brought shortly after.


First nation on territory of current Krlesia was Rednecks Republic formed on 29. May 2019. Krlesia itself was formed as nation by people from geofictive Czechoslovakia, which was abolished on 11. July 2019 because of end of geofiction in Czech MicroWiki. Martin Brožek and František Koblanský both agreed on making a whole new micronation without geofiction. That led to declaration of independence of first Krlesia on February 7, 2020.

First Krlesia

First Krlesia was presidental republic and it remained internally inactive due to conflict between president František Koblanský and prime minister Martin Brožek. On international scene the situation was different. The Krlesia was mostly active during Defensive war NAE and it stayed neutral until formation of Micropact. During Mendersian crisis the Krlesia for first time in history did not abstained and joined one side conflict. And joined the declaration of war shortly after. That led to resignation of František Koblanský.

Micro-Mendersian war and war aftermath

On 27 May 2020 the war begun, Rednecks republic joined the war on the same date and Krlesia joined the war on first of June. As the war continued, the Krlesia and Rednecks republic supported rebellion of Jan Mírný and shortly after the war ended. The Krlesia and Rednecks republic both were on winning side and both joined the reconstruction of new Mendersia. The aftermath of war made an idea of confederation between Rednecks republic of Krlesia, but the concept has been forgotten, mostly because of political crisis in Krlesia, that led to quick civil war and dissolution of Krlesia. Shortly after Chebzov Krlesia has been declared with Martin Brožek as president and Lidoscán with František Koblanský as president.


In July 2020 the Rednecks Republic became one of founder states of Aenia, which ended all attempts on merging with Chebzov Krlesia. On other hand Chebzov Krlesia joined Concorde and small cold war between Aenia and Concorde has begun. After dissolution of Aenia in August 2021 the merge of Rednecks Republic and Krlesia became topic once again. However Chebzov Krlesia has not been existing in that days.

Krlesian people's federation and New Rednecks Republic

On April 1. the Chebzov Krlesia ceased to exist and new Krlesia has been declared. František Koblanský firstly disagreed, but later he agreed. The new name was Krlesian people's federation and new political system was people's democracy. On June 30. the state of emergency has been declared in Rednecks Republic due to inactivity and Jan Šťastný became new president.


During September, idea of unification has been re-estabilished and planning was in full progress. Firstly, the idea was to declare Redneck-Krlesia federation on Austro-Hungarian concept, but lately it was agreed to not make a federation of federations. So new concept was brought and finally on December 10, 2021 the merge was finished. Elections were held and Martin Brožek became first prime minister and Jan Šťastný.

Separatism of Třešňová

In March 2022 the tenses in Třešňová has risen and on March 2 led to attempt on separating and vandalism of Krlesian Discord server. The government declared state of emergency and Operation Žižka with goal of stabilising situation. The head commander of operation was colonel Jiří Šulc. On March 18 the operation has been declared over and the Federal District Nová Třešňová has been declared with all separatist being expelled from it.

Leading of state and governmental affairs

Main representatives of Krlesian government
Government function Name Party membership
President Jan Šťastný VNSSL
Prime minister Martin Brožek KNSSPL
Minister internal affairs and national defense Jiří Šulc KSSD
Minister of enlightment, media, research and national control no minister no party
Minister of economy, central planning, agriculture and social affairs Martin Brožek KNSSPL
Minister commmisar of unification and national consolidation Michal Dvořák LDSK

National economy

Main article: National economy of Krlesia
National economy is based on central-planned system and state-owned means of production. The economy has new plan every quatre-year and it is planned by central bank. Most developed part of economy is agriculture, which is represented by United agriculture and food farm.

Political organisation of Krlesia

Krlesia is concieved as federation of federal districts and semi-presidental democratic republic. Every federal district has its own chairman, which is voted by people of federal district. Every citizen vote their representatives to national assembly, which form the main character of internal politics. Krlesia has its own proportion mandate system. Assembly has flexible term, but maximum rate is 5 months.


Foreign affairs of Krlesia