Constitution of the Gymnasium State

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Constitution of the Gymnasium State
First page of the constitution
First page of the constitution
Created 11th February 2018
Ratified 13th February 2018
Location Sušice, Gymnasium State
Authors Tomáš Falešník
Joel Novotný
Signers Adam Pivetz
František Prášek
First page of the original constitution

The Constitution of the Gymnasium State (Czech: Ústava Státu Gymnázium) is the supreme law of the Gymnasium State. The constitution was adopted by the government on 12 February 2018. It entered into force on 13 February 2018, replacing provisional constitution of the Gymnasium State from January.

The constitution is a constitutional act, and together with other constitutional acts constitutes the so-called constitutional order of the Gymnasium State. While the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (Listina základních práv a svobod), an equally important constitutional act, asserts human and civic rights, the Constitution is concerned with state sovereignty and territorial integrity, and defines the institutions governing the state. Since the 2023 Gymnasian coup d'état, the Consttitution is not followed and the National Preservation Government is in power.


The Provisional Constitution

After dissolution of Socialist State of Gymnasium, the government requested a proper constitution. During January, the Provisional Constitution was written by Joel Novotný. The Provisional Constitution summarized provision accepted during the reformation process. The Provisional Constitution was signed, and soon after work on first version of official Constitution of the Gymnasium State has started. It was an expansion of the Provisional Constitution with edited paragraphs from the Constitution of the Czech Republic, written by Tomáš Falešník. The Constitution was signed on 12 February 2018 by President Adam Pivetz and Prime Minister František Prášek.

The Constitution was amended twice, first amendment being in force since 22 October 2018. It edited insufficiently detailed specification of who can run for President and Premier in Article 23. The second amendment, sometimes referred to as Second Constitution, came to force on 13 February 2019 and edited the government section, disestabilishing ministries and creating the Senate, as well as fixing few mistakes left unnoticed in previous versions.

On 4 September 2023, a coup d'état brought Tomáš Falešník to power in the Gymnasium State through the unconstitutional National Preservation Government. As of September 2023, there are no known plans to amend the constitution.


The Constitution is divided into a preamble and 4 chapters. The fundamental provisions are followed by chapters on the legislative and executive power, and the judicial power, and the Constitution ends with interim provisions. The Constitution has overall 34 articles.


We the people of the Gymnasium State

are determined to build, protect and develop the Gymnasium State
in the spirit of the inviolable values of human dignity and freedom
as a homeland of free citizen of equal rights
who are aware of their responsibilities to others and to the whole;
as a free and democratic state, based on respect for human rights and civil society principles;
as a member of the family of European and world democracies;
determined to together protect and develop inherited natural, cultural, material and spiritual wealth;
and determined to abide by all the well-established principles of the rule of law;
we accept this Constitution of the Gymnasium State.

Fundamental provisions

Legislative and executive power

Judicial power

Interim provisions