Socialist State of Gymnasium

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Socialist State of Gymnasium
Socialistický stát Gymnázium


SSG flag.pngGymnasium coat.png

Gymnasium map.png N:49.235°, E:13.521°
Capital city Sušice
Largest city Sušice
Official language(s) Czech, English
Official religion(s) christianity, non-religious
Short name Gymnasium, SSG
Demonym Gymnasian
Government defacto anarchy
Established 1 September 2017
Area claimed cca 0.000 04 km²
Population 6
Currency Czech crown
Time zone GMT+1

Socialist State of Gymnasium was a micronation located in class of a school in Sušice, succeed by Gymnasium State.


The Socialist State of Gymnasium was founded on 1 September 2017 by four students in Sušice. Few first government meetings occurred in September, adopting flag, discussing legislation of micronation and accepting more citizens. However, no laws were passed, the micronation became de facto anarchy and in October it was forgotten.

The idea of the micronation was restored in December 2017 with more people interested in citizenship. However, as the original micronation failed, the government decided to reform it. While a lot of changes occured, the major ideas of the original micronation were kept, and the Provisional Constitution of the Gymnasium State was passed in January 2018, after the first presidential election.

Official date of dissolution of Socialist State of Gymnasium is unknown as the process went on for a longer period of time, but the it is sometimes dated on 31 December 2017 or 1 January 2018. Other often said dates include 29 December 2017, when Gymnasium State joined the MicroWiki community, or 8 January 2018, the date of first election Gymnasium State still celebrates independence day on 1 September.


Socialist State of Gymnasium was officially ruled by the Council, which consisted from all citizens. The Council officially represented the country.